Magistrate News


The following citations have been recorded in the Tucker County Magistrate office:

Ryan A. Spencer, Keyser, was cited for speeding (69-65) by TFC J.J. Schmidle. He pled no contest and was assessed fines of $4.75 and court cost of $165.25.

Wendy D. Gerard, Montrose, was cited for no seatbelt by TFC J.J. Schmidle. She pled no contest and was assessed fines of $25.

The following criminal complaints have been filed in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

Correction: In the June 26 edition Arthur Thomas Ashton was listed with one count Wanton Endangerment. The charge should have been Unlawful Restraint.

Coty Alan Brown: Philippi, was charged with one count Domestic Battery. According to the complaint on Friday, June 21 at approximately 7:39 p.m. Deputy D.A. Sliwinski and Sgt. C.A.Teter of the Tucker County Sheriff’s Department (TCSD) received a 911 dispatch of a fight at 439 Thomas Ave on Davis. Upon arriving on the scene Sliwinski spoke to multiple witnesses including the caller, Stephanie Poling. She stated her son, Jacob Dumire, had allegedly been struck in the head by the defendant in an incident in Philippi. All of the occupants of the vehicle proceeded to drive to Mrs. Poling’s house in Davis. Upon exiting the vehicle, Mr. Brown, Robert Poling, Jacob Dumire, Taylor Prevette and Brian Perkins began to get into a verbal argument which led to a physical altercation. It was during this time Mrs. Poling stated she saw Brown push, grab and throw Ms. Prevette around in order to get to Dumire. Prevette did advise that Brown was her boyfriend and she was currently pregnant with his child. She did advise that Brown had shoved her during the fight. She appeared to be upset, crying and holding her wrist wincing in pain. Her clothing was muddy and wet. At this time Brown had left the scene. Prevette stated that Brown was allegedly trying to get a ride out of the county, back to Philippi. At this time Jacob Dumire was transported to Garrett Regional Hospital by EMS. The officer patrolled the area and found Brown walking along WV32. He was placed under arrest for domestic battery. Prevette was also checked out for her wrist injury and for being hit in the stomach. A PR bond of $2,000 was not posted. A court hearing is scheduled for Aug. 5 at 10:30 a.m. before Magistrate William M. Miller.

Kandice Lee Sponaugle, Parsons, pled not guilty to a charge of attempting to defeat a drug or alcohol screening test.

Jamie Allen Ferguson, Oakland, Md. was charged with one felony count Fleeing in Vehicle. The complaint states that on Monday, June 17 Sheriff B.K. Wilfong was notified by Tucker County 911 Dispatch of two subjects that were stealing a four wheeler from the Leadmine area. One subject was towing the other subject, both on four wheelers. The two subjects were caught on Miller Hill. The subjects pulled onto Campbell Rd. and stopped. Wilfong exited his vehicle and ordered the two down on the ground. Brogan got off the four wheeler but the occupant driving the front four wheeler was grabbing something around his waistband area. He pulled a machete from his waist and raised it and cut the strap that tied the second bike. The bike then rolled down and struck the cruiser causing damage. Both subjects then began fleeing on the other four wheeler. The second bike was found some time later by Wilfong and Officer Gidley of the Parsons P.D. After some time searching for the subjects Tucker dispatch advised that the subject’s phone pinged at the end of Campbell Rd. The officers traveled back to Campbell Rd. and saw the defendant walking on the road. He then ran into the woods and was apprehended a short time later. A cash bond of $15,000 was not posted.

Jamie Allen Ferguson, Oakland, Md. was charged with one felony count Grand Larceny. The complaint states that on June 19 at 12:21 p.m. Tucker dispatch notified law enforcement of a suspicious person complaint. A man was seen walking in the area of by Macedonia Church on WV72. Upon investigation of the area Tucker County Sheriff, Brian Wilfong, noticed tire marks around the church. He found a four wheeler located behind the church. Two garbage bags were found on the vehicle. Following a nearby heavily worn trail he located an individual later identified as Jamie Allen Ferguson, who matched the description of a wanted person in connection to a Fleeing charge from June 17. Following the trail Wilfong came upon a cabin, address 10576 Cheat Valley Highway, which had visible signs of forced entry. A backpack was found near the back door. The backpack allegedly matched the description as worn by an individual connected to the Fleeing charge. Items located in both the backpack and the garbage bags contained “Chetuck” written in black marker. The dwelling displayed a wooded sign reading the same name. The four wheeler was later identified as being stolen from a residence south of this location on WV72. The owner of the four wheeler later identified the vehicle and stated it was kept in a shed within 50 yards of his dwelling, but he did not notice the vehicle was missing until notified by law enforcement. A cash bond of $15,000 was not posted.

Frederick Herz, Davis, was charged with one felony count Fraudulent Schemes. According to the complaint beginning on Monday, March 11 Sgt. G.S. DeWeese, of the West Virginia State Police began receiving complaints from employees of Timberline Ski Resort of paychecks not being covered by the bank. DeWeese stated he obtained a statement from C.B. Gidley advising that he had several phone conversations and text messages with Herz. Herz advised time after time that they were working on transferring funds from other accounts to the payroll account. After many conversations he never contacted Gidley, who tried several more times to contact Herz with no response from him. The total amount of checks is $11,199.60. A $12,000 bond was posted and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 11 at 1:30 p.m. before Magistrate William M. Miller.

The following cases have been ordered and adjudged in the Tucker County Magistrate Court:

State of West Virginia verses William M. Parsons, Parsons, received judgment of no contest plea for one count feeding bear. He was assessed fines of $20 and court cost of $175.25.

State of West Virginia verses David B. Stover, Davis, waived Preliminary hearing for one felony count Wanton Endangerment involving a firearm. This case was bound over to the Tucker County Circuit Court.

State of West Virginia verses Mathew B. Brogan, Woodbine, NJ waived preliminary hearing for on felony count Fleeing from Officer and one felony count Burglary. This case was bound over to the Tucker County Circuit Court.

Discover Bank verses Samples, the court found in favor of Discover Bank against Jessica Samples in the amount of $5,264.33.

St. George Medical Clinic verses Longerbeam, the court found in favor of St. George Medical Clinic against Tammithy Longerbeam in the amount of $342 plus $75 court cost.