Local Farm Adds Public Services


The Parsons Advocate

Hickory Orchard Farms, atop Pifer Mountain, has recently expanded their facilities to offer additional services to the public. Owned and operated by the Freeman and Clower families for the past five generations, this agricultural entity has been known mostly for their cattle and egg production. However, in the last eight years, their focus has slightly shifted to equine.

With extended studies and experience with horses, Dan and Heather Clower have strived to offer more horse activities in the Parsons area. “We have held two benefit trail rides on our farm as well as a Mission 22 Extreme Trail Challenge to benefit veterans,” D. Clower said. “We enjoy horses so much and have God’s beauty at our fingertips, why not share it with others.”

D. Clower has been training horses since 2007 while H. Clower has been judging them competitively and professionally since 2004. The couple has been competing at cattle sorting and penning events as well as barrel races in the last few years. “We really enjoy the competition and chance to showcase our horses’ talents, but the company amongst like-minded individuals is what we truly appreciate,” D. Clower said.

Living in the type of climate we have in Tucker County, it makes offering training services very limited and weather dependent. In the past, one or two horses at most could reside on their farm each month for training and their schedules were very inconsistent with the weather. “We knew if we wanted to take our services to the next level we had to do something to accommodate the unpredictable weather,” he said. After the first of the year, quotes were sought out and funds secured to complete their new, 60 foot by 120 foot indoor riding arena. “In addition to riding during all types of weather, we can set up stalls and corrals inside for clients’ horses while offering separate turn out apart from our own herd,” D. Clower explained.

This also allows for steady training and riding of their own horses and opens up the opportunity for horseback riding lessons and potentially boarding. “We offer horseback riding lessons on our horses or your own,” said H. Clower. “From the beginning rider to those wanting to fine tune their showmanship, this new facility opens up all of those opportunities for us,” she added. The Clower’s would love to see the JETS (Junior Equestrians) make a comeback in our county and would be happy to assist in that program. “Anything we can do to share what these creatures have to offer, we are happy to do it,” D. Clower stated.

If you are interested in having a horse trained, lessons, or possible boarding, you can find more information on Hickory Orchard Farms FaceBook page. “We are thankful we were able to put into action a dream we have had for the last eight years,” H. Clower said. “We are truly blessed.”