Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

People wake up!  We have got to get involved turning our nation back to what our forefathers began. We can do this by getting involved in the legal, educational, political, medical, media and religious systems.

I heard one senator say that one letter to Congressman is equal to 1000 texts, emails, or phone calls. When was the last time you contacted any congressional or government office? This could be the police department, highway safety,  school board, president, congressman, supreme court judge, or any other office.

Our Constitution begins with, “We the people,”. According to that, we are to run the government. When we don’t voice our opinion, our government leaders do what they want, as no one else is voicing their opinion.  Our ideas need to line up with our Constitution, which was formulated from the Bible.  For example all of our laws, and the court system was taken from God’s court in heaven. Even the Supreme Court Judges are appointed for life, which also comes from Scripture. (Numb. 35:28) CJB            God wrote the first 10 Commandments Himself in stone, which we are to obey today.

We have an adversary, the devil, who doesn’t want godly or righteous things, because he is the god of this world.  He has put scales on our eyes and a veil on our minds so that we don’t see or hear what God is saying or doing in the world today.

The only way to get rid of this apathy is to be enlightened by God. This happens when we invite the light of the world, Jesus, to dwell with in us and mean it with all of our heart.  This is not a religion but a relationship.

America will be great again when we get back to basics. We must choose good over evil.   Let’s make our voices heard and get involved in any area we can.  Don’t you agree? Have a blessed and profitable new year!

Dr. Donna Andes
Davis, WV