The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition

One hundred fifty boys and girls participated in the Knights of Columbus free-throw competition in Tucker County. The following are the first and second place winners for their age divisions:

10 year olds: First place: Caleb Flanagan, Laurel Inglese; Second place: Trevor Adams; Morgan Key.

11 year olds: First place: Trey Key, Terra Kuhn; Second place: Alex Mason, Kallie Johnson.

12 year olds: First place: Easton Snyder, Anna DiBacco; Second place: Garret Pennington, Kelcee James.

13 year olds: First place: Corrick Ambrose, Riley Evans; Second place: Shane Liller, Emily Crosten.

14 year olds: First place: Wes Snyder, Sydney Nestor; Second place: Luke Poling, Carleigh Bolyard.

The first place winners will advance to regional competition in Clarksburg on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 9 a.m.