July 21, 2013


The following are calls as reported by City, County and State Police offices:
·    On June 26, City workers with the Parsons City Water Department discovered that a water meter at 278 Overlook Drive had been used illegally to obtain City water after the water service at that residence had been discontinued in February .  The water meter had been locked by City Water Department employees when the water service had been disconnected. It was discovered that someone had been using water since that time and had used a little over 2000 gallons of water without having service properly and legally established.
The City of Parsons decided to prosecute the resident for theft of the water, tampering with the water meter/supply, removing the lock (which was never found) and procuring utility service illegally.  A criminal complaint was completed and taken before the Tucker County Magistrate requesting a warrant for the arrest of Eric S. Pennington for the offenses.  The Magistrate found probable cause in the case and a warrant was issued.
According to Chief of Police, Jonathan E. Jones, Pennington turned himself in before the warrant could be served.  He was arraigned on Wednesday, July 18 in Tucker County Magistrate County Court by Magistrate Carol Irons and released on a PR bond of $3,000.  A court date has not been set.
·  According to a press release from City of Parsons Police Chief Jonathan E. Jones, on July 6 at 4:40 p.m. local law enforcement officers, along with members of the Tucker County Volunteer Fire Department, responded to Cheat Valley Highway at the intersection of Holly Meadows Road in regard to a complaint of a tree blocking the roadway.  A large tree had fallen and was lying across utility lines and blocking the intersection as ell as the northbound lane of Cheat Valley Highway and posed a hazard to motorists.
Officers of the Parsons Police Department, The West Virginia State Police and members of the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department performed traffic control duties while the tree was cut and the roadway was cleared for safe travel.
There were times when motorists were traveling too fast and nearly caused accidents. All public safety personnel as well as highway workers would ask that motorists please be attentive and drive more cautiously and slowly when an emergency vehicle or highway maintenance vehicle is seen on the roadway with emergency or flashing lights activated.  These lights are activated to avoid potential accidents and/or injury to workers.  Remember, they are out working to keep us all safe and your help in driving attentively and safely when around emergency or maintenance vehicles is not only good practice, IT IS THE LAW.
·  On July 6, Parsons Police Chief Jones responded to the area of First Street near the river bridge in regard to a welfare check on a female.  According to the press release, a caller reported a white female who appeared to be “twitching and talking to herself”.  Chief Jones checked the surrounding area, including the bike trail, and City parks, but was unable to find the individual.
A few hours later a female matching the description and in an intoxicated condition was encountered by Tucker County Sheriff’s Deputies just outside Thomas.  A person who said they were related to the female arrived and escorted her from the scene with no enforcement action necessary.
· On July 7, Parsons Police Chief J.E. Jones and Chief Deputy Surguy responded to a residence in Parsons Overlook Trailer Parker in regard to a report of an individual possibly needing a mental evaluation.  According to the press release, the person was feeling very depressed and had threatened to cause themselves serious bodily injury.
At one point the person became argumentative with family members and left the residence on foot and alone, causing a few moments of fear and anxiety for family members until the person was located and returned to the residence.  After speaking with persons on the scene and discussing the different options that were available, it was decided that the patient would be taken by family members to an area hospital for treatment.
· Residents in the area of Main Street notified the Parsons Police Department numerous times in the past several weeks about vehicles being driven in excess of the posted 25 mph speed limit and failing to stop for posted stop sign on Fifth and Main Street.  The area is a residential area and will be monitored closely at varying times and violators will be cited and fined accordingly.
· According to a press release by Parsons Police Chief, Jonathan E. Jones, he responded to a complaint of a domestic dispute on July 13, on Main Street.  The caller stated that her ex-boyfriend was in her residence intoxicated and tearing things up while she was at a friend’s residence nearby.  When Jones arrived, the subject had left the scene in a vehicle belonging to the caller.  The female told Jones that the male had stolen her vehicle and was driving intoxicated.  It was determined that the caller was also intoxicated and the complaint was unfounded.  Police left the scene with no action taken because there was insufficient evidence to investigate further.
· On July 16 a complaint was received by the Parsons Police Department about litter in the area near Jameson Avenue and Sherman Street.  Someone had thrown several beer cans in the roadway and along the road going toward the apartment complex sometime during the night.  The area was checked and the trash was observed but there was nothing to indicate that there was anything ongoing at the time.  A request was made that the area be patrolled more frequently.
·  Parsons police were requested to respond to the softball field in the Pulp Mill Bottom on July 14 due to an intoxicated male trying to pick a fight with others persons.  The individual had already left the scene prior to officer arrival.  There were no injuries reported and no other complaints in regard to the incident.
· On July 15 at 12:30 a.m. Parsons Police responded to the area of the bike trail behind Rite-Aid and Shop-N-Save regarding a complaint of four suspicious persons “huddling” in a group behind the store buildings.  After searching the area for several minutes, two of the four subjects were located and it was discovered that all four were male juveniles from Parsons and they had walked to the front of the store to the pop machines to get something to drink.
The two males were returned to their residence and warned not to be out after curfew (10 p.m.) in the future.  No damage was noted in the area and nothing appeared to have been disturbed.