Hubbard’s secret to a long life is playing golf

Hubbard’s second favorite thing about golf – heckling. Hubbard calls out encouragement from the cart as Ruckle looks on.

Thomas, WV – Many folks look forward to enjoying advanced age by kicking back, taking life easy and viewing the world from their front porch. Not George Hubbard. An avid golfer for more than fifty-seven years, Hubbard still manages to get out on the course at Holly Meadows several times a month, thanks to long-time friend and golf buddy, Dale Ruckle.

Having played together since the 1970’s, the retired Tucker County School teacher now picks up George almost every week at Cortland Acres to play a round of golf at Holly Meadows. “There’s never a dull moment when George is around,” explains 40-year friend Dale Ruckle.  “He’s been like a father to me. He would do anything for me and I would do anything for him. That’s what it’s all about.”

George Hubbard prepares to putt as long-time friend, Dale Ruckle eyes the shot.

At 92-years young, Hubbard attributes his longevity to the game of golf – – enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and of course the lasting friendships he’s built and maintained with his golf buddies. He can still amaze with a killer chip shot or deadly accurate putt.

This Navy veteran and father of five sons started playing golf at age thirty-five. Throughout the years, golf has taken him on many adventures and is still his summer passion. While a bad knee prevents him from driving the ball, he’s content to practice his short game.

“When they made the mold, they threw it away when they made this guy,” Ruckle said. Hubbard’s other golf buddies say his attitude serves as an example for each of them as they reach the back nine of their lives.