Hemphill joins Cortland staff

Dr. A. Franklin Hemphill, M.D., CWSP quietly goes about the business of tending to Cortland’s residents.

Dr. A. Franklin Hemphill, M.D., CWSP joins the medical staff at Cortland Acres as a long-term care / post-acute care wound specialist. Completing his residency in general and plastic surgery and board certified in wound care by the American Board of Wound Management.
Wound specialists are health care professionals who have been trained in the care and treatment of all types of wounds, both acute and chronic. They evaluate and treat non-healing wounds; most commonly sustained from an injury, surgery, diabetes and pressure sores.

Providing weekly care to Cortland residents, Dr. Hemphill conducts his rounds with passion for his craft, the region, and its residents. “My grandparents are originally from West Virginia,” explains Hemphill. “My mother was born about 25 miles southwest of Beckley in the town of Mullens where my grandfather worked as a coal miner.” Eventually, the family moved to Baltimore where Hemphill was born and his grandmother worked as a nurses’ aid at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

As Hemphill’s story unfolds, it is evident that his career path included many guides. “Because my grandmother worked at Johns Hopkins as a nurse’s aide, I had the opportunity to meet many outstanding mentors. It was with their encouragement and the support of my parents that I was able to receive a great education.” Hemphill graduated high school from the prestigious Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brown University. Hemphill graduated Cum laude from faith-based Meharry Medical College School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee and embraced their mission of “empathy for the disadvantaged.”

“We are excited that Dr. Hemphill has joined our team,” explains Cortland’s Director of Nursing, Robin Eye. “It was evident to everyone on this very first day that he has something special…it’s hard to describe really. Residents and staff enjoy working with Dr. Hemphill. He definitely brings his a-game every day and provides the best care possible for our residents!”
Hemphill completed his general surgery residency at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore and his plastic surgery residency with Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio. For most, this story would end with a long stint as a plastic surgeon, but not for Franklin Hemphill.

“After completing my general and plastic surgery training, I briefly practiced “plastic” in the Beckley area. But I felt something was missing. I eventually transitioned to practice wound care and returned to West Virginia in order to provide a much-needed service to an underserved population of patients in the skilled nursing setting. This has been my true calling, and I feel lucky to be in the position to fulfill it.”

“I am thrilled that a capable and qualified wound care surgeon found us and is working at Cortland”, explains Dr. Margaret Kaiser, Medical Director at Cortland. “What a gift this is for our residents who will no longer need to travel to get care. He is eager to teach our staff too.”