Gourmet Treats on a Stick


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

            There is a new craze streaming through the streets of Parsons and all over social media.  Crunchy, sweet, sticky, and juicy are just a few adjectives to describe the new craze known as Macy Lou’s Gourmet Apples.  What began as an attempt by Macy Nestor and her mother, Lucinda, to reproduce a recipe discovered on social media has now flourished into a business for this local Tucker County High School incoming senior.

             “The first couple times it did not go well at all,” laughed Nestor.  After a few failed attempts, the duo finally mastered their recipe and started taking them to family get together events.  The dessert was a hit, leaving everyone wanting more. She even had a request by her cousin to make a batch for her upcoming wedding.  Discovering how quickly these treats, typically only devoured around fair and carnival time, caught on, Nestor and her mother began the process of obtaining a business license for their treats. With business license in hand, this opened the door for Nestor to share her hit treat with paying customers.

            “My mom helped me a lot, and she still does,” allowed Nestor.  “I’m doing good so far,” she claimed now that she has catered three weddings along with the 2019 TCHS prom. When asked what her goals are for the company, she stated her short term goal is to save enough money for a car to assist in the delivery of these sticky treats and she is also contemplating trade school.  “If I go to college I want to go into welding,” she said.  As of now, she plans to just stick with the apples but hasn’t completely ruled out adding to her menu.


A sample of the decadent treats Macy Nestor is producing for her new business, Macy Lou’s Gourmet Apples

  Macy Lou’s Gourmet Apples currently fills single orders all the way up to providing enough to cater to large events.  She was set up as a vendor at the Fireman’s Homecoming Fair in May and also plans to set up during Mountaineer Days in Thomas.  If you are interested in sinking your teeth into a chocolate or caramel dipped apple encrusted in any kind of candy bar or cookie one can imagine, check out her Facebook page by searching Macy Lou’s Gourmet Apple