Gold-N-Guns Coming to Parsons


Tim and Holly Ferguson, owners of Gold-N-Guns, a pawn shop, in Belington, will be opening a new store at 229 Walnut St. in Parsons, on Thursday, Jan. 2.

Ferguson says the process is simple, “We make loans on just about anything of value. We loan money on guns, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, gaming systems, tools, musical instruments and more. The way the loan works is that you come into our store with your item that you’d like to use as collateral, we determine an amount that we can loan you based on that item.”

image courtesy of / Pixabay

The customer comes back in before the given due date and pays the loan amount, plus interest to retrieve the item. If the loan can not be paid back in full, a monthly interest can be paid for them to hold the item longer. Items can be held for as long as necessary as long as the interest is paid. It’s a simple process and takes just a few minutes to get the money you need quick! Ferguson said, “No credit checks! Everyone qualifies.”

The loans are for people just like you and me. If you have more month than money, we have your back! Everyone gets in a situation where they are a little short on cash.

“We buy gold in any condition! Have some old necklaces or rings laying around that you don’t wear anymore, bring them by! Even it it’s broken, we’ll take it!” Ferguson said.

She also said, “Our retail side is awesome! We have all sorts of items for sale at low prices. No need to pay high retail prices! If you’re looking for something in particular, let us know!”

Gold-N-Guns can be reached by calling 304-478-GOLD.