Girls and Boys Mt. Lion Track Team Captures Regional Title



ELKINS – The Tucker County Girls’ and Boys’ Track teams captured the Region 2 title on Wednesday May 14th in dominating fashion.

The Boys’ team scored 202 total points to get the team win and the Girls’ team captured the title with 256 total points. In the 17 total events the Girls’ team recorded 15 first place finishes and 5 second place marks. The Boys’ team had 9 first place honors and 6 second place finishes. The Girls’ team had athletes qualify for the State Meet in 17 of the 17 Regional Events. The Boys’ team also had qualifiers in 15 of the 17 Regional events. Here are the full results of Thursday’s Regional Meet:

Girls’ Results: 100m: 1st Jessica Kincaid(13.62), 3rd Kelsey Kyle(13.64), 6th Jenna Walker(14.32). 200m: 2nd Elizabeth Nichols(28.38), 2nd Jessica Kincaid(28.40), 4th Miranda Siler(29.62). 400m: 1st Kelsey Kyle(1:02.90), 4th Chelsea Bonner(1:04.85), 5th Jenna Walker(1:04.92. 800m: 1st Olivia Miller(2:36.33), 5th Kaylee Nedrow(2:45.65), 6th Taylor Ambrose(2:47.97). 1600m: 2nd Madison Mullenax(5:56.98), 3rd Madison Reall(6:00.78), 5th Jenna White. 3200m: 1st Madison Mullenax(13:10.80), 3rd Lenae Cole(14:17.82), 4th Leah Underwood(15:12.83). 100m Hurdles: 1st Elizabeth Nichols(17.11), 2nd Kylie Moore(17.82), 5th Jenna White(20.04). 300m Hurdles: 1st Kelsey Kyle(49.27), 2nd Olivia Miller(49.71), 3rd Kylie Moore(52.63). 4x100m: 1st K.Moore, C.Bonner. M.Long, M.Siler(55.14). 4x200m: 1st J.Kincaid, C.Bonner, M.Siler, J.Walker(1:54.79). 4x400m: 1st J.Kincaid, C.Bonner, M.Long, J.Walker(4:27.56). 4x800m: 1st M.Reall, T.Ambrose, L.Underwood, M.Mullenax(11:12.16). Shuttle Hurdle: 1st K.Kyle, E.Nichols, K.Moore, O.Miller(1:09.73). High Jump: 1st Olivia Miller(5’2”), 3rd Madison Mullenax(4’10”), 4th Miranda Siler(4’8”). Long Jump: 2nd Elizabeth Nichols(14’8.0”), 6th Kate Bates(12’3.0”), 9th Leach Underwood(10’10.25”). Shot Put: 1st Aiyana Kachmarek(33’1”), 3rd Lydia Mullenax(28’10”), 11th Zoe Sypolt(20’5”). Discus Throw: 1st Aiyana Kachmarek(114’3”), 5th Lydia Mullenax(78’1”), 6th Joannah Dyer(74’10”).

Overall Team Rankings: 1st Tucker County(256), 2nd Pocahontas County(77), 3rd Pendleton County(61), 4th East Hardy(38), 5th Union(35), 6th Moorefield(28), 7th South Harrison(14), 8th Tygarts Valley(10).

Boys’ Results: 100m: 1st Mitchell Mason(11.78), 6th Chris Freeman(12.17). 200m: 2nd Chris Freeman(24.21), 6th Chase Alkire(25.40). 400m: 1st Chris Freeman(52.86), 3rd Kellen Dunn(55.36), 8th Marshall Whisner(58.11). 800m: 1st Ian Nichols(2:07.99), 5th Kyler Metz(2:17.96), 6th Josh Kincaid(2:30.90). 1600m: 2nd Wesley Knotts(5:08.35), 4th Andrew Hauser(5:21.14), 6th Logan Pitzer(5:32.10). 3200m: 1st Wesley Knotts(11:21.51), 2nd Andrew Hauser(11:39.75), 4th Devon Anderson(12:02.57). 110m Hurdles: 1st Mitchell Mason(16.81), 2nd Walker Blosser(17.79), 3rd Daniel Kisamore(18.14). 300m Hurdles: 1st Mitchell Mason(43.88), 3rd Chase Alkire(44.76), 5th Walker Blosser(46.44). 4x100m: 5th Z.Armstrong, J.Howell, Mar.Mason, K.Dunn(49.61). 4x200m: 3rd Z.Armstrong, J.Howell, K.Dunn, C.Freeman(1:38.45). 4x400m: 1st Z.Armstrong, K.Dunn, M.Whisner, I.Nichols(3:45.39). 4x800m: 1st L.Pitzer, D.Anderson, W.Knotts, I.Nichols(9:03.27). Shuttle Hurdle: 1st Mar.Mason, C.Alkire, W.Knotts, Mit.Mason(1:02.94). High Jump: 3rd Ian Nichols(5’10”), 4th Daniel Kisamore(5’6”). Long Jump: 2nd Zach Armstrong(18’0.75”). Shot Put: 5th Brody Strawderman(36’8.0”), 9th Marshall Whisner(32’9”), 15th Wiley Raines(29’7.5”). Discus Throw: 2nd Ben Flanagan(123’8”), 3rd Daniel Kisamore(119’11”), 4th Brody Strawderman(119’10”). Overall Team Rankings: 1st Tucker County(202), 2nd South Harrison(94), 3rd Pocahontas County(74), 4th Pendleton County(55), 5th Moorefield(35), 6th Union(29), 7th East Hardy(26), 8th Tygarts Valley(10), 9th Notre Dame(2).

The Track team will compete in the State Meet Friday and Saturday May 23rd and 24th at Laidley Field in Charleston. Events get underway at 2pm on Friday and events start on Saturday at 9am. For more Tucker County Track info visit TuckerCountySports.Com.