Girl Scouts Learn About Crime Scene Investigation


Tucker County Sheriff, B.K. Wilfong and his daughter, Dani Wilfong visited the Girl Scouts to discuss Police Officers and Safety and Emergency Responding.
Wilfong fingerprinted each one of the girls and he and D. Wilfong set up a room with clues (broken piggy bank, half eaten chocolate bar, white powdery substance, and blue paint spilled with blue barefootprints.)
They read the girls the scenario (Mrs. King Class was broken into and Police found the above clues)



Sheriff B.K. Wilfong visits the Girl Scouts
Sheriff B.K. Wilfong visits the Girl Scouts

D. Wilfong read them a little brief info of the suspects ( There were four, they each had their own alibi and every one of them was associated with some type of white substance and a sweet tooth)
The girls got to go in the room and take down any notes they didn’t get from the scenario. They got to feel the white substance in the room. They traced the teeth imprint of the bite mark on the chocolate bar.
At the first station they were given four different white powders (Baking Soda, Flour, Sugar, Salt) and felt them and compared it to their memory and note taking on what the white powder in the room felt like. The girls had a tough time deciding between Baking Soda and Flour. Which were related to Suspects one and three.
Then they moved on to the teeth impression station two : The Wilfongs drew up bite marks for each of the four suspects. The girl scouts had to compare the suspects teeth impressions to what they had drawn in the notebook from the chocolate bar in the crime scene. All girls concluded that the teeth impressions on the chocolate bar looked like Suspect number one.
Station three was Fingerprint Classification: The “Police” had given D. Wilfong each of the suspects fingerprints. she had a chart on the table of common fingerprint types (Loop, Arch, and Whorl). The girls identified what fingerprint type each suspect had. They were showed the fingerprint off the broken piggy bank in the crime room and concluded that it was a Whorl Fingerprint and matched Suspect one.
They solved the crime concluding that Suspect one was the one who broke into Mrs. King’s classroom.
Afterwards there was  a short presentation on DNA and my Sheriff Wilfong did a question and answer with the girls.