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Did you know we old people aren’t supposed to date?  Goodness no.  Daddy is not allowed to see a woman and spend any time with her.  She might get something the kids won’t get.  Get real, the same applies to mother, she’s not allowed to date.  The man might get something the kids won’t.  Grow up, Mom and Dad have as much right to date, the same as young people do.
We know what we are doing.  I guess according to the kids, us old people are to sit at home and wallow in our memories of our mates after they are dead.  Memories are something that no one can take away from us, no matter what we do.  Us old people have feelings like young people do.  We get lonely and need someone to talk to.
Where were you kids before we started to date?  You had a life of your own you said you didn’t have time for us.  But as soon as we started to date someone, you find all kinds of time.  Get real, your biggest problem is, you’re ashamed of us.  We embarrass you seeing each other and spending time together.  Get real, you’re still young, yet you will get old, we all do.  We were young once too and we were in love and respected our mates.  We helped them raise you kids to be respected and to respect other people and we respected you and your family.
We accepted your mates you picked and we didn’t always approve of your choice.  We went ahead and accepted your choice.  Now accept our choice that we have picked.  It is not as if you are going to lose us.  We are here, all of us women aren’t gold diggers and all men aren’t after what they can get off of the woman they go with.  Let us live our lives while we are still alive.
Vera Lipscomb
Hambleton, WV

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