Frontier Communications



With the upcoming huge holiday weekend looming in Davis, a guy wire on a telephone pole broke in the Davis Riverfront Park, leaving telephone lines dangling dangerously close to a major parking area and across an active alley.

At the lowest the lines could be touched by someone standing on the ground. I called Frontier Communications that afternoon, Monday, October 1, and described the situation. When told the “ticket” could not be upgraded to a status of urgent, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The 39-minute phone conversation resulted in the supervisor telling me the ticket had, indeed, been “flagged”.

The next day Frontier was on the job repairing the pole. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say that’s what I thought should happen. On Tuesday, responding to a facebook friend, two Frontier employees drove up in a truck and said they needed to write down the pole number.

Did I mention the line was directly across the street from the Frontier Office in Davis and would have been seen by every employee driving to or from work, every day.

Wednesday, the pole was repaired. Oops, wrong again. This time I called Randy Smith, our representative and was told he was dealing with the Supreme Court impeachment but that someone would get back to me. Hahaha; bet you thought I was going to say I got a return call and that everything was taken care of.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday no Frontier; line still hanging there. But Friday, I was informed by a County Commissioner the project had been turned over to a contractor.

The enclosed picture is from Monday, 8 October, one week after the initial report.

Perhaps by the time the Advocate comes out, Wednesday, this line will have been repaired. We’ll, see.

–Bill Peterson

Davis, WV