Energy Express Americorps member applications  available 

Energy Express is an eight week summer service opportunity that makes a difference in the lives of children living in West Virginia. Children living in rural and low-income communities often fall behind academically during the summer months, starting each school year behind where they were the previous spring. Successive summers of limited learning opportunities may cause children to fall below grade level by the end of elementary school. Many of these children also suffer nutritionally. Energy Express promotes children’s school success by providing summer learning experiences focused on reading and eating two nutritious meals served family-style.

There are two different opportunities , the the first one is mentors who serve directly with children and the second one is community coordinators who serve directly with volunteers. Both positions receive a $1850 living allowance and $1252.91 education award. College Student mentors create an enriching environment focused on reading, writing, and art that makes learning fun for a small group of school-age children.

A mentor also eats breakfast and lunch with the children–a valuable time to develop strong bonds with the children. A community coordinator connects the parents and community to the site by recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers to read with children. Both positions attend both a statewide and local training and make home visits to the children’s residences. At the end of each day, the site team (mentors, community coordinators and site supervisor) meet to reflect, train and prepare for the next day. Site teams also complete a community service project.

For more information or to apply, please visit this website:

If you have questions about Energy Express in Tucker County, please contact the Extension Office.