Emergency Crews Respond to Parade Entry Incident


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

At the conclusion of the homecoming parade, the truck hauling the speakers and playing the music for the Strutters Baton Corp. group pulled over between Piccolo Paula’s and the Tucker County Courthouse as the cab began to fill with smoke.

Three adults and one child were in the truck at the time when they noticed the smoke and bailed out of the vehicle.  Good Samaritans stopped by to aid in the situation while 911 was called and urgently arrived on scene.  The wire being used to provide power to the speakers in the bed that was run from the front of the truck had become overheated and caused an electrical fire in the cab.  With the fast action of the nearby citizens and swift response of the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department and Tucker County EMS, the fire was quickly put out.