Dogs finding their fur-ever homes through Doggy Sods


The nonprofit agency, Animal Friends of Doggy Sods, working to facilitate the happy and healthy transition of pets lacking a forever home is entering into its second year of existence.  In total, the nonprofit helped save 57 animals this year.

A Doggy Sods’ success.

Maggie Brown, owner of Joey’s Bed and Bones dog boarding and daycare, is also the director of the nonprofit.  Raised in Tucker County, Brown decided to begin the nonprofit after a rescuing a donkey (of all the animals!) in Tucker County.

Even though most of the dogs come from Tucker and Preston Counties, the dogs end up traveling far and wide after leaving the doors of Animal Friends of Doggy Sods.  Families from New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, and Texas came to West Virginia to adopt from the nonprofit.  Brown lists animals on, which works as a middle party between interested adopters and agencies.

In addition to the 57 dogs she helped find homes, Brown managed two litters of puppies this year.  “Overwhelming,” was her concise summation of her first experience with a litter of new borns.

After this first year, Brown wants to grow her number of reliable fosters.  She acknowledged people’s concern over becoming too attached to a foster pet.  “I feel that there is also a lot of reward in seeing an animal go to their forever home,” Brown said.  She reiterated that as a foster, costs are covered by the nonprofit.

Brown plans to host an event for potential fosters to meet potential candidates and hear stories from others who foster.  The nonprofit will continue its board meetings in order to assess ways in which the organization can grow.

The Tucker County Animal Shelter and the nonprofit have a working relationship.  “We’re building a good bond,” Brown said.  The two entities collaborate on rescues and trade supplies.

And of course, Brown is subject to attachment to at least some of the dogs she houses.  “I currently have a giant St. Bernard named Monty that I’m very attached to, and he’s very attached to me.  Finding him the perfect is becoming a challenge.  He’s really an awesome dog.”

To foster an animal, volunteer, or donate food or supplies, visit the group’s Facebook page or website,