Davis-Thomas Salutes Their Veterans


Students, teachers, parents, and (most importantly) veterans were present to honor those who have served our country at Davis-Thomas Elementary Middle School. The festivities began with a welcome from Principal Daryla Rapp followed by poetry readings from fifth graders Halee Wood and Lindsey Hull remembering and thanking all veterans.

Elementary students then enjoyed a lunch with the veterans that came to the school where students presented cards made especially for their guests.

At 1 p.m., a program commenced with student council officers David Kines, Samantha Kines, Elizabeth King, and Jack Melnick. Teacher Elspeth DeLeurere sang an original composition she wrote entitled “Do I Ever Stop to Think” highlighting the idea we need to remember that the war does not end for the soldier even when they come home.

DTEMS Veterans Day

Seventh grader Edward Collins presented information about his grandfather, a veteran who is no longer with us, which Samantha Bykofsky and Maya Paul followed with readings on why Veterans’ Day and our soldiers are important.

The elementary students sang “The West Virginia Hills” with accompaniment from music teacher DJ Stout. Ethan Pacella and Austin Evers continued with the student-created poetry readings telling of what a soldier faces and goes through.

Daryla Rapp then asked the veterans to come and share their rank and years served. Advice was shared such as being able to see the world, paying attention in your math and science classes, and (the students’ favorite) go to college so they can go to officer school and get the better food.

To conclude the program, Lindsey Hull sang “More than a Name on a Wall” by the Statler Brothers, and Mark Barnes and Elizabeth King shared the last poetry of the day emphasizing that our veterans and soldiers do so much for all of us. As one of the students wrote, “If not for you, there wouldn’t be a me.”

Veterans attending included: Ellis Ashby, Greg Ashby, Jim Cooper, Alan Crossland, Robert Dillon, Bill Fridley, Rex Liller, Robert Ludwig, Jason Mowery, Richard Musgrove, Fred Myers, Marvin “Bud” Parsons, Vincent Ponikver, Robert A. Porter II, James Quattro, Matt Quattro, Pat Sagace, Charles Showalter, Veronica Staron, Nancy Zizunas

DTEMS Veterans Day 2