Davis Election Results Change After Canvass


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

As mentioned in the recent article pertaining to the Davis and
Hendricks town elections for mayors and city council members, election
results are never deemed as official until they’ve had a chance to be
canvassed.  According to WV Code Chapter 3 Article 6, a canvassing board
shall convene after every election held within the county to review all
ballots, poll books, registration records, tally sheets, and
certificates.  The code continues to state, “The board shall proceed to
open each sealed package of ballots laid before them and, without
unfolding them, count the number in each package and enter the number
upon their record.”   “After canvassing the returns of the election, the
board shall publicly declare the results of the election,” the code
reads.  Once the ballots have been read, this completes the canvass and
the certification process takes place 48 hours later.  Once the election
is certified, it can become public knowledge of the final results.
This process has recently been done in both municipalities and though
rare, a discrepancy was discovered within the city council as well
within a few of the amount of votes received. Doug Martin is still the
Mayor of the town of Davis as the only running candidate, receiving a
total of 94 votes.  Andrew Snyder, single candidate vying for the
position of recorder, received 32 votes and secured his position.  “I’m
glad that we do these canvassing and certifications to see if there are
any mistakes,” stated Mayor Joe Drenning.
Nine individuals were running with hopes of earning one of the five
seats on the town council.  Names listed on the ballots included Dakota
Eye, John Felton, Tom Ashton, Ted Helmick, Al Tomson, Cynthia Robeson,
Pat Pregley, Jeanette Ware, and Lisa Cousin.  Successful candidates
included Cousin receiving 71 votes, Felton earning 66, Robeson with 64,
Helmick at 63 votes, and Tomson with 62.  This placed Tomson over
Pregley for the final position on the council by two votes,
contradictory to the previous article with the preliminary results
These positions and their newly appointed individuals will all serve a
two year term before the next town election is held.  At that time, each
individual currently holding a position can choose to be considered for
re-election or can withdraw from their position.