Dave Kyle Retires After 25 Years of Service


The last day of 2013 will also be the last day the familiar, friendly face of Dave Kyle will be seen at the courthouse on a daily basis.

Dave Kyle is retiring from the employment of Tucker County after 25 years of service. His grandfather Brock Kyle also worked in the courthouse several years ago.

Dave Kyle
Dave Kyle

Dave Kyle was born in Parsons and has lived in Rosendorf, in Hendricks, all of his life. He and his wife Joyce raised a son and daughter here, and his daughter Amy Hunt is still nearby, but his son Keith Kyle now lives in Pennsylvania. His 10 year old grandson Tanner Hunt goes to Tucker Valley and his 17 year old granddaughter Taylor lives in Pennsylvania with Dave’s son Keith. Dave said through the years that he and his wife Joyce have raised about 40 additional kids due to his wife babysitting. One day he was sitting in his living room with a friend when a young man walked in the house, into the kitchen and got something to drink out of the refrigerator. “Do you know that kid?” his friend asked and was told, “Well, he might as well be family.” Dave and his wife will soon be celebrating 40 years of marriage.

He likes all kinds of outdoor activities, but fishing is probably his favorite. Unfortunately, he hasn’t fished as much since the ’85 flood because the streams were all changed so drastically, but he is looking forward to drowning some worms once he retires.

He has worked lots of different jobs, many of them out of state, but the last 25 years working for the courthouse have been the best ones. The addition of the new annex with its additional 16 bathrooms and 100 more trashcans increased his work load and really keeps him busy. However, he laughingly said his primary responsibility was taking care of his fellow employees. His coworkers undoubtedly will miss him, although he will probably stop in on a regular basis, “just to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to.”