DAR News


Cindy Kolsun, Regent, opened the meeting on Nov. 16 with all present reciting the Daughters of the American Revolution Ritual, Pledge of Allegiance, American’s Creed, and Preamble to the Constitution. Indian Minutes was given by Wanda Booth; President General’s Message was read by Cathy Hebb, Vice Regent. Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports were given.

On Nov. 20 we will be presenting cupcakes and other gifts to the veterans at Cortland Acres.

Birthday cards will be mailed by members to students at Tamassee DAR School throughout the year.

Betty Knicley spoke concerning fundraising for the organization.
The Christmas Party will be held Dec. 14. A gift and cookie exchange will be held.

Those attending were Cindy Kolsun, Sue Silk, Phyllis Garcia, Betty Knicley, Cathy Hebb and Wanda Booth.