Cpl. J.R. Wince Joins the Parsons Detachment of WV State Police


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

A new face has recently joined the WV State Police Parsons detachment. Corporal J.R. Wince transferred from the Elkins detachment to the Parsons detachment to serve and protect Tucker County communities.

Corporal J.R. Wince is proud to be serving the West Virginia State Police from the Parsons Detachment

Cpl. Wince is no stranger to the uniform or the duties associated with it. He grew up in Jackson County around the Ravenswood area. Upon graduation from high school in 1998, he immediately enlisted in the United States Army, serving as a combat medic. A combat medic or field medic is military personnel with at least an EMT-B level training, which is a sixteen week course in the U.S. Army. These individuals are responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield. After his four year contract was nearing an end, he was called back to go to The Iraq War in 2003 and 2004. Shortly after he completed his tour he applied to the WV State Police and was selected to go to the Police Academy. “Coming out of the military, I missed the structure,” Cpl. Wince said. “I have been in uniform most of my adult life so it was a natural transition.”

As he is approaching his fifteenth year with the State Police, he explained most of that time was spent in Elkins. “I was ready for a change,” he said when asked why he decided to transfer. He was formerly certified in drug work, highway safety, and drug interdiction, offering several areas of experience and expertise to this unit.

In the life of a first responder, spare time is few and far between. However, when time does allow, Cpl. Wince enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. He also serves as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Seneca Trail Lodge 104, or FOP. Their main goal is to give back to the community with any means possible.