County Commission Receives Update from W.Va. Solid Waste Management Board

Mike Holstine, Executive Director of the W.Va. Solid Waste Management Board briefs Commissioners Davis and Moore along with County Administrator DeVilder

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

It was a much shorter meeting for the Tucker County Commissioners at the Wednesday gathering which began at 4 p.m. Reverend Kevin Keplinger opened the meeting with a prayer followed by The Pledge of Allegiance. Commission President Lowell Moore called the meeting to order followed by the approval of the previous meeting minutes.

County Administrator Sheila DeVilder said the CFI grant has been submitted for review. She is also assisting Circuit Clerk Sharon Moats with a historical preservation grant along with taking in numerous EMS fee payments. Though Maintenance Director Joe Long was not present, he informed DeVilder that the pipe for the courthouse sprinkler system is expected to be delivered Monday and the work to begin on Tuesday.

Brett Ware, 911 Director addressed the commissioners stating the features of the new phone systems have been extremely helpful with the data they provide. From October 1 through October 23, 911 has received 236 incoming calls, 701 have came into administrations, for a total of 937 incoming calls. He noted the average call duration for the incoming 911 calls is 2 minutes 22 seconds, which he is very proud of. Ware has also been working with a company called Staley on potentially implementing microwave technology to assist in the prevention of down phone systems for 911.

OEM Director Kevin White reported the grants are still in process for the new vehicle, trailer, and stop the bleed kits for the schools. The stream restoration projects are expected to go out to bid this month with work starting as early as November. The projects could run through November 2020 and extensions could be filed if need be. The local fire departments have assisted with three lost hikers in the course of eight days, two in Dolly Sods and one in Otter Creek that required an air lift. White said they are patiently waiting for winter and have checked all generators to ensure proper functionality in case of emergency.

County Planner Dennis Filler had no report for this meeting, nor were there any county board appointments, road names, or erroneous assessments. Under new business, there was a request by Anthony Summerfield to be added to the towing rotation to replace Bonner’s. Ware had commented on behalf of 911, he seen no problem with this request, therefore Moore moved to accept this request pending Prosecuting Attorney Ray LaMora’s approval. Moore then read a resolution to work hand in hand with the Community Corrections program, followed by approval of payments.

Mark Holstine, Executive Director of the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board, was also present to inform the commissioners of the work that is going on between their office and the Tucker County Landfill. He noted there have been issues come to light during a bi-annual inspection that resulted in an improvement period being implemented. Unfortunately, they did not feel necessary improvements had been made, so an extension was granted with further issues arising. This lead to the management board taking over operational control, similar to a receivership, until the landfill is back in proper order with their new Executive Director,

Finishing up with Commissioners Reports, Moore wanted to make it known that he has heard a rumor the windmill company is showing interest in the Timberline property, which goes up for bid in mid November in Philadelphia, Pa. “I want to make this statement tonight, I want it on record, that the County Commission in no way supports that that land be sold to the windmills to be used for windmill property,” Moore said. “We want it to stay as a resort area for tourists.” “We’re not against windmills but that area there is not windmill area,” he concluded.

Davis completely agreed with Moore and thanked DeVilder for her diligent work on collecting the EMS fees. Davis sits on the SWA board and wanted to make known that even though people may consider it a negative that the management board has come into the picture with the landfill, he said “We’re working good with them. We’re going to have a landfill, that’s a plus, and we’re working together to make this better.” Moore agreed with that statement, which concluded this session of the Tucker County Commission.

The next meeting of the commission will take place on Wednesday, November 13 at 9 a.m. The meeting will take place in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom, and all are welcome to attend.