Cortland’s outpatient physical therapy Rehab Center celebrates fourteen years

Thomas, WV – Remember the year 2005? Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, hurricane Katrina almost wiped New Orleans off the map, social media giant YouTube was founded and the Rehab and Fitness Center at Cortland opened its doors to the community.
Today, the 3,700 square foot out-patient facility is staffed by a team of highly skilled local professionals providing advanced treatment options for a wide range of conditions and post-surgical issues. The facility includes four private treatment rooms, heated therapeutic pool and an array of exercise equipment.
“I have been here for thirteen years treating the members of the Tucker County community, explains Tucker County native and Director of the Rehab & Fitness Center Alisha McCune, PT. “This isn’t just a job…this is my home and I regard my role as a physical therapist as a responsibility and privilege to help my community. We’ve treated so many folks – from infants to those celebrating 100 years.”
“I’m a happy camper after receiving physical therapy at Cortland,” explains Parsons resident Jeannie Ledden. “It was comforting for me to know the people working there. They were knowledgeable and kind; and took very good care of me.”
According to the 2011 Institute of Medicine Report from the Committee on Advancing Pain Research, the rate of people experiencing persistent pain twenty years ago was as about 1/7. Today, about 1/3, or over 100 million Americans, suffer from persistent pain. Pain caused by a sports injury or work-related accident can create years of discomfort. Additionally, pre and post-operative orthopedics, joint replacement and other surgical-related matters can also require rehabilitation.
“October is National Physical Therapy month,” explains McCune. “It’s the perfect time to highlight the benefits of physical therapy, especially as a safe and effective alternative for treatment of chronic pain conditions. It’s not something we typically think about until we find ourselves in pain. While our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal, physical therapy helps the body recover and return to normal function.”
Many of the techniques used during physical therapy are actually thousands of years old – used by the Greeks, Persians, Chinese and Egyptians as far back as 460 BC. While some of the methods used during treatment are based on traditional massage techniques, physical therapy isn’t another day at the spa.
“I’ve known Alisha (McCune) a long time”, explains Garry Thomas, Parsons resident and owner of CJ’s Pizzeria. “She definitely puts you through your paces to get you back to normal.” He adds jokingly, “She worked at the restaurant years ago so I guess we helped put her through grad school. I’m actually a repeat customer. Alisha and her team have developed a very good reputation in the tri-county area. They’re not only good at their job, but very courteous and caring.”
Rehab and Fitness Center at Cortland treats an array of conditions including, but certainly not limited to, spinal conditions, arthritis, balance deficits, sports-injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. Individuals are evaluated and customized programs developed that are tailored to individual conditions.  An array of treatments is used to address deficits such as individual exercise programs and manual techniques such as cup therapy and Astym Therapy. Recently, Rehab and Fitness Center at Cortland was also certified to provide LSVT Big and Loud – a specialized treatment specifically for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.
The Rehab and Fitness Center at Cortland is a state-of-the-art outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation facility located within Cortland Acres and serving the entire Tucker County community. Rehab and Fitness Center at Cortland can coordinate care with an assortment of health insurance plans. For more information call 304-463-4191 or visit