Cortland’s’ CNA training provides valuable skill sets

Cortland CNA students use class time to brush up on anatomy training from Director of Staff Development and In-Service Coordinator, Kathy Supak, RN.

Thomas, WV – Someone once said, “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”. Over the last eighteen months, over forty students have done just that by becoming Certified Nursing Assistants through training provided by Cortland Acres. Student sentiments include feelings of belonging to a family, the importance of the skills they’ve acquired and the feeling of accomplishment.

Cortland Acres provides Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training on a rolling admission basis. They will be offering the final 2019, six-week CNA training class starting soon. The course is totally free and available to anyone interested a career in healthcare.

“Our CNA training program provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to secure their future,” explains Cortland Administrator Beth Clevenger. “The medical field is growing and CNAs are on the front lines of patient care”.

Cortland’s CNA training is a two-part learning experience. The first part of the training takes place online and provides students with greater flexibility. STRAIGHTAWAY CNA Edge: TRAINING uses realistic scenarios to convey course content with HD videos that engage, inform and prepare students from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds.

The training features a Hollywood-quality mini-series, The Residents, to educate and inform the viewer. The program incorporates a realistic, storytelling component with the flexibility to log in and learn when it’s convenient for you.

“When looking to make our CNA training program more accessible, the flexibility offered through online learning was key to achieving our goals, explains Clevenger. “This class offers convenience …anytime… anywhere. The online training is so engaging and real that it draws you into the story. You learn by being an observer as the main character, Marissa, goes about her duties as a new CNA”.

The second half of the training enables students to receive supervised, hands-on skill training at Cortland Acres and interact directly with residents. This approach allows students to receive instant feedback from trainers and remains an invaluable portion of the training process. Closely supervised by a licensed nurse who is approved by the state as a Nurse Assistant Training Instructor, students work side by side with other aides, nurses and medical professionals to learn what working as a certified nurse assistant is like every day in a long-term care facility.

“They learn valuable communication skills, how to provide compassionate care as well as procedural skills”, offers Kathy Supak, RN, Director of Staff Development
In-service Coordinator. “Graduates of the program are well prepared to pass the state certification exam and start a career in the healthcare field”.

The next CNA class is starting soon and space is limited. Anyone interested in enrolling in this free course, please contact Lois Nelson or Kathy Supak at Cortland Acres at (304) 463-4181.