Commission Receives Requests from Children’s Advocacy Center and Woodlands Development Group


Lydia Johnson, Executive Director of Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) presented the commission with a budget request in the amount of $15,000. She also gave commissioners a graph outlining the funding sources available to the CAC. In addition, Johnson included statistics on how the center has been active in Tucker County and presented ideas to increase CAC’s presence in the county, including a more visible presence in the Davis-Thomas area of the county. Commissioner Rosenau said, “I’m glad that you have goals for Tucker County. With that being said, I think that will improve services”. Commissioner Hinkle stated “One of my big gripes is that we are often in everybody’s service area, but we don’t get the service. So, I think that it is very important that you are more visible in the community and that there’s a greater awareness of the services that are available.” The commission voted unanimously to approve CAC’s budget request.

Dave Clark, representing Woodlands Development Group, a non-profit community development organization, presented the commission with a funding request. The group has a variety of business lines and a lot of what they do is housing development. They also offer an alternative type of small business loans. These loans may cover things that a typical bank would not. Clark stated that they had just completed a small apartment unit in Davis. . Clark stated “There is a big demand for affordable housing in Tucker County.” He went on to say that there is a lack of data on what the real housing needs are and what the current situation is. So the Woodlands group is contracting with Downstream Strategies, a firm from Morgantown, WV, to do an in depth comprehensive study of housing and small business needs for Davis, Thomas, Parsons, and Hendricks at a cost of $40,000. Clark stated that they have received a grant for $25,000 and that the Tucker County Development Authority has pledged $7,500 for this study, which leaves a funding gap of $7,500 that he is requesting the Tucker County Commission cover. The commissioners asked Mr. Clark to meet with the Planning Commission as well as the Development authority and come back to the next meeting with their recommendations.

Aaron Metz attended the commission meeting to introduce himself. . Metz is the new field representative for Congressman McKinley. Metz stated, “I am excited in my new position to help your community, your county in anyway that I can.” He added, “I wanted to see what your priorities are and to find out what the senator’s office could do for you.

In other business, the commission agreed to expand the Historic Landmark Commission from five to seven members. They re-appointed Robert Gilligan to the Tucker County Development Authority.

The commissioners voted unanimously to hire Joe Long as the new Maintenance Supervisor. Long time employee, Buddy Pitzer, had declined the position.

In closing the commissioners all commented on Tucker County Day, February 5, at the capital. Commissioner Lowell Moore stated, “I attended Tucker County Day in Charleston and I am so proud of Tucker County. We showed who we are, what we are and what we have to offer in Tucker County. It gave us the chance to share our concerns with our elected officials and it was a great day of fellowship. I really commend Tucker County and I want to schedule one for next year, soon!”

Commissioner Hinkle added, “We just got back from Charleston again, and our representatives are still talking about how Tucker County raised the bar. I was so impressed with those kids cooking breakfast for over 500 people.”

Commissioner Rosenau added, with regards to the breakfast, “It was unbelievable! Those kids did perfect. They represented our county the way it should be represented!” All commissioners were in agreement that the event participation was just amazing.

The next Tucker County Commission meeting will be Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 4 p.m. in the Tucker County Courthouse Courtroom.