City of Parsons Recognizes October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Parsons City Council along with Ashley Novallis proclaimed October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

The biggest item on the agenda of the Parsons City Council was addressed Mayor Dorothy Judy read a proclamation presented by Ashley Novallis, requesting October be recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Judy, along with all of the council members agreed to do so. After the proclamation was read and photos were taken, the mayor signed three documents, one for Novallis and the other for Sara Luzier, and the third for the city.

Business continued with the approval of the meeting minutes from September 17. Assistant Administrator and Finance Director Danielle Sponaugle produced two invoices, the first for $101,789.47 and the second for $1,212.67. Both were approved and agreed upon unanimously. There was also a quotation from C.I Thornburg for a flow meter with remote transmitter in the amount of $4,775. Councilman and Recorder Bruce Kolsun made the motion to accept the quote with a second by Councilman Tim Auvil.

Employee and committee reports followed with Auvil providing a report from the Alleys, Sidewalks, Streets, and Signs Committee. Their first order of business was to consider making the intersection of Second and Spruce Street a four way intersection per the request of the residents of that area. Recently, there were stop bars installed and sign placement adjusted to try and remedy this issue. Council member Melissa Jones said, “I don’t feel the stop bars and stop sign has been in place long enough to get an accurate read on the intersection.” These changes have only been in place for two weeks and Jones felt leaving these in place longer to gauge its effectiveness may deem beneficial before making more changes. Councilman Samuel Blosser agreed to table the item until next meeting to see how well these changes work.

Auvil then discussed the adoption of the City of Fairmont’s Vacation Procedures for Abandonment of Streets and Alleys. The committee recommended the adoption of this by the City Council; however, there have been proposed changes to make it more applicable to Parsons. Some of these changes include literature such as “all adjoining property owners within the boundaries of proposed abandonment must unanimously sign a notarized application agreeing to such action and the terms of the policy,” as well as “no permanent structures may be built within the boundaries of the abandoned area,” to name a few. Auvil provided everyone with the ordinance used by Fairmont as well as a suggested draft to be adopted by Parsons for review. This would provide the council a set procedure to go by any time a road or alley is requested to be abandoned. These documents will be turned over to the ordinance committee for evaluation. These changes are only applicable to future abandonment requests.

A solution was also presented to redirect the drain overflow during heavy rains near the Community Care center parking lot and Main Street. Auvil felt the funds needed to perform this project were minimal and would fall within the Sewage Departments budget. Auvil made a motion to move forth with this project with Jones making a second.

There was approximately $3,500 remaining after paving projects were complete, therefore conversations commenced on how to best utilize it. The Streets and Signs Committee felt it would be used best to hot and/or cold patch the lower portion of Central Avenue and Luflin Street. This too was agreed upon unanimously.

Long Street has had some new signage installed with Poplar Street next on the list for additional signage. Two dead end signs will be placed at the former Mill Race Park entrance along with no overnight parking signs at the River City Park parking lot on Poplar Street. Additional signage needs is being evaluated by this committee as well.

It was also requested to make Sugar Maple Lane a one way street which will be entered from Sherman Street and exited at Loughery. Recently, Dave Orr requested the sidewalk to be replaced that bordered the Wilson Apartments on McFadden Street, also offering to pay for the materials if the city would provide the labor. The committee denied this request due to liability and no public benefit. A request was also submitted to replace the sidewalk on Currance Street which was also denied at this time until previously approved projects are completed, such as upper Jamison Avenue and upper Central Avenue.

Auvil listed additional issues needing addressed that was brought to the Streets and Signs Committee, including the need of a ditch line from Poplar Street to Virginia Street, a water diversion need on Billings Avenue, tripping hazards near MR Pizza, and hazardous trees on city property. These items have and/or are being addressed.

Unfinished business followed with a clarification by Auvil noting the in ground pusher pump and increased line size is being included as part of the Kingsford sewer Extension Project. The surveyor is continuing to work on the Parsons Industrial Park Project and investigating a line discrepancy that could amount to a large portion of land. There were no developments at this meeting pertaining to the Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Upgrades Project.

Parsons City Police Chief T.D. Roberts gave a brief report stating things have been going well within the police department and the new police cruiser is complete. However, he had an announcement to make. “About four months ago, I applied for a job with the Federal Government, they called me last week, so I’ve accepted a position with the United States District Court for the district as a United States Probation Officer,” he said. His last day will be October 15 so he has submitted his two weeks notice. “Well we really hate to see you go, but as I told him, we really appreciate that he’s thinking of his family,” Judy said, “We really are going to miss you.” Though Roberts has only been with the department a year, he has had a major impact on the community. “With regret, we will accept your resignation,” motioned Jones. “With regret, I’ll second it,” announced Blosser. An ad for the position will be posted in the paper.

The City of Parsons Parade will be Dec. 14, 2019.

This concluded the meeting of the Parsons City Council. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 15.