City of Parsons Police Department Unveils New Cruiser


The Parsons Police Department is proud to announce the newest police cruiser added to the fleet, a 2011 Dodge Charger. The police cruiser was acquired from the Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office earlier this year, and has recently undergone numerous upgrades to meet the departments standards and expectations. These upgrades include a reinforced brush guard, a backseat prisoner half-cage, emergency lighting, and new exterior graphics.

The graphic scheme that was chosen for the new cruiser was a subdued American Flag adorned with a Thin Blue Line. The Thin Blue Line represents the officer’s daily walk between life and death, the role of separating the good from the evil, and the brotherhood associated with all Law Enforcement personnel.

The Parsons Police Department hopes the new cruiser shows the pride the department takes not only in itself, but also in the service to the citizens of Parsons.