City Council to Remove Trees Causing Sidewalk Damage


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

It was a shorter meeting of the Parsons City Council with no audience wishing to address the council as well as a shorter agenda. Mayor Dorothy Judy called the meeting to order with The Pledge of Allegiance and an opening prayer. All council members were present with the exception of County Administrator, Jason Myers.

The previous meeting minutes were approved with motions by Councilwoman Melissa Jones and Kenneth Morrison. Finance Director Danielle Sponaugle presented an invoice list in the amount of $76,261.13. She noted the reason for the higher than usual amount is due to the recent audit taking place.

Employee and committee reports followed with Sponaugle providing minutes from the recent meeting of the Fire Service Appeals Board. The packets before the council also included a notification from West Virginia Housing Development Fund awarding a grant for $10,000 to the city for Code Enforcement Officer N. Gidley to attend training and the remainder to assist with dilapidated buildings.

Moving into unfinished business, the Parsons Sewer Extension Project Construction Plans were presented to each councilman that has also been sent to the Economic Development Association (EDA) and West Virginia Department of Highways (WVDOH) and are being reviewed. The goal is to have the final forms completed by December, opening the project for bid in January of 2020 with a proposed start date for spring of 2020. The surveyor for the Parsons Industrial Park expects to complete his survey in December when they will be able to move forward with rectifying the line discrepancies.

The Alley’s, Sidewalks, Streets, and Signs Committee sought out additional quotes from Dave’s Tree Service to address additional trees that are causing damage to sidewalks and posing threats to vehicles. The quote included the trimming of six trees on Central Street in the amount of $1,800, the removal of four locust trees on Water Street for $1,200, and the removal of another tree for $600 on Spruce Street for a total of $3,600. After discussion, the council unanimously approved moving forward with this quote to perform the necessary trimmings and removals.

Under new business, Sponaugle provided information from the Parks and Recreation Committee expressing their desire to the city to take on the annex gym if the Board of Education offers it to the city. “They definitely want the gym if it’s given to them,” she noted. This would make the city responsible for maintenance and any future repairs. Sponaugle also informed the board Jason Myers, City Administrator and Treasurer met with a sport lighting company who provided a quote for new lights at the baseball field at River City Park in the amount of $350 to $375,000. Grants are being sought for this project as well as the possibility of a lend or lease option. The Park Board also sponsored $175 towards the Christmas Bounce Houses for the parade day events.

Councilman and Reporter Bruce Kolsun sits on the Ordinance Committee which has been working on city ordinances. He said literature on ATV and UTV were added, and while it is not near completion, the committee is mimicking that of Lewisburg and are adding and adjusting where necessary. The committee also requests Municipal Judge Donna Helmick and City Police Chief J.E. Kopec to review the ordinances for their expertise. They are also adjusting the council member’s terms so they are all serving four years and they will be staggered so as to not elect all new council at the same time. Also, if a new council member must be appointed in the middle of a term, the new appointee will fulfill the previous members term before the option of running for re-election. Other considerations are a vacant building registry and a crime free ordinance to battle illegal acts taking place on rental properties.
The last agenda item under new business was to consider giving an appreciation stipend to all active employees in the amount of $150. Jones made the motion with a second by Councilman Tim Auvil, and motion carried with all in agreement. There was nothing to the good of the order and there was one correspondence received inviting Parsons City Council to attend the 2019 Fireman’s Dinner on Sunday, December 1 at 4 p.m.

Councilman David Greenlief made the motion to adjourn the meeting with all in agreement. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, December 3 at 6 p.m. at the Rosenau Municipal Building. All public are welcome and encouraged to attend.