Children’s Pageant at Tucker County Fair

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19 at Camp Kidd Park the Tucker County Fair Association will hold a Children’s Pageant. Children from 0 – 9 years of age will vie for the titles of Baby Miss Tuckerette, tiny Miss Tuckerette, Mini Miss Tuckerette, Little Miss Tuckerette and Miss Tuckerette 2014.

The competition will consist of modeling a party or pageant dress. The winner will receive a sash and crown. All contestants will receive a gift for entering. Judging will be 20% for beauty, 20% for poise and posture, 20% for dress, 20% for personality projection and general appearance will be worth 20%. There is a fee for entry.

Entry packets can be picked up at Stevens; Realty or email for more information call Phyllis Carr at 304-478-3747 or 304-342-0641. The deadline to enter is May 26.