Board of Ed Buys New Truck


Tucker County Board of Education met in regular session this past week.  President Jared Parsons called the meeting to order with all board members present.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance, no Delegations were present nor was there a need for agenda adjustments.    The Board approved the minutes of the Oct. 7, 2013 meeting.

The Board then went on to approve Payroll Check Register from #85555 to #85783 totaling $273,020.24 and Accounts Payable Check Register from #31575 to #31660 in the amount of $133,767.60.

The Board approved the following job shadow work sites:

First Energy; Elkins Service Center; Mountain Laurel Learning Center; Carr’s Farm; Preston County Schools; Tucker Community Foundation; and USDA National Forest.

It was noted by the Board that the High School is diligently trying to encourage the students to do their job shadowing as early in the year as possible.

The Board approved  intent to home school for the following students:  Xander M. Jolly; Esther “Emily” Simmons; and Evan Swisher.

The Board approved the purchase agreement for a new maintenance truck.  The vehicle it is replacing recently failed inspection and cannot be repaired due to significant frame deterioration.  After searching local options in both purchase and financing the best value was to go through Matheny Motors in Parkersburg  and financing through Preston Federal Credit Union.  It was mentioned that the said vehicle will be used not only for maintenance but also transport of food commodities, janitorial supplies, etc.

The first years payments will be made from a check received from the State for fuel re-imbursement and following years payments will be budgeted in under maintenance.  President Jared Parsons said that he’d like to see a routine maintenance and cleaning schedule for the new vehicle.

The Board approved the change of the third party agent of record for Delta Dental and VSP Vision from Commercial Insurance to Tawney Insurance Consulting.  Commercial Insurance will continue to handle to Workers Comp Insurance however.

The Board reviewed the Transportation Report and then moved on to Committee Reports.

Veterans Day celebrations at the schools were discussed.  Also discussed were the gym wall advertising which is sponsored by the Girls Basketball as a fundraiser and benefits items for the gymnasium.

Dr. Campbell reported that he and President Parsons attended a workshop recently on the significance and impact that “Obama” Care would have on area school systems.  As currently written the law would make the Board responsible for contributing to insurance for any substitute, coach, etc. who averaged more than 30 hours a week.

Dr. Campbell also reported that due to new state legislature in effect for next school year the students will be required to have 180 instructional days and teachers work 200 days.  All time missed on 2 hour delays will now need made up also.

Board Member Tim Turner brought up the idea that we (Tucker County School System) should start looking into educational programs for job markets outside of Tucker County in fields such as the natural gas and oil industry.

Having no delegations for non-agenda items the Board moved onto Personnel Matters.

The Board approved the employment of Marilyn D. Pennington as Custodian III for TVEMS effective December 2, 2013.  The Board also accepted the resignation of Crystal Bible as substitute teacher effective Oct. 22, 2013.

Having no further business the Board adjourned.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Tucker County Board of Education Office, 100 Education Lane., Parsons, WV.  For further information call 304-478-2771.