Is Betsy the Boss?

On February 23 a ewe owned by a relative of Tyler Hebb gave birth to triplets. Within just a few hours after the births one of the lambs, now named Betsy, was living in the house with the Hebb family and being cared for around-the-clock by Tyler Hebb with assistance from Lindsey Knotts. Tyler and Lindsey are students at Tucker County High School who live a few miles from each other.
Betsy enjoying a little TLC after her meal provided by Lindsey Knotts and Tyler Hebb
Betsy enjoying a little TLC after her meal provided by Lindsey Knotts and Tyler Hebb

When Betsy first arrived she was fed colostrum but as soon as she finished that she was fed “Save A Lamb” about every four hours so, according to Tyler, she actually gets fed much better than if she was still with her mother. Tyler put Loves size one diapers on Betsy the lamb when she was first born, but after only three weeks she is now wearing Loves 2 with a hole cut out so her tail stays clean. At three weeks old little bits of grain and hay were being offered to her before she got her bottle and would take a few bites before demanding her formula.

Betsy is a Dorsett Suffolk Cross cream colored lamb with darker freckles on her head. She walked around in the living room with two small Yorkies and Lindsey’s big basset hound competing for pets and attention. Betsy is sweet natured and very curious, but Tammy Hebb laughingly said that Betsy was on her best behavior, because she is usually very mischievous. She lets the two Yorkies know she is boss and makes herself at home in their dog bed whenever she wants!

Within a couple weeks, when the weather is consistently warmer, she will be moved to an outside pen. Because Betsy is so social they intend to get another lamb to keep her company once she moves outside. Hay and grain will be provided twice a day so she can eat whenever she’s hungry.

Even though Dorsett Suffolk cross sheep are usually meat goats, Betsy will never be a meal because of the emotional bond the family has with her. Once Betsy’s tail heals from being docked Lindsey will be training and grooming Betsy so she can be shown in the County Fair. Afterward she will stay with the Hebbs to be bred when she’s old enough. Not a baaaad life for a little lamb who otherwise might not have even survived without the loving care by the Hebb family and Lindsey Knotts!