A Salute to Tucker County First Responders

Keith McIntosh, Regional Coordinator for Sen. Manchin presenting US Flag to Kevin White, OEM Director

On Friday, October 11, in honor of Tucker County’s First Responders, with the utmost gratitude for their unwavering service, a special presentation of The Flag of the United States that has flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, was presented by Mr. Keith McIntosh, Regional Coordinator for Senator Joe Manchin.

Rev. James Snyder offered the invocation. Lowell Moore, County Commission President and Kevin White, Director of the Office of Emergency Management received the flag on behalf of all First Responders. The Tucker County Veterans Honor Guard posted the colors followed by the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all those present.

McIntosh read a message from Senator Manchin: “I have always said what makes West Virginians some of the best people in our nation is the unwavering commitment to helping someone in need. Here in the Mountain State, if you are hungry, you will be fed. If you are lost, someone will not only give you directions but will offer to drive you to your destination.

That’s just who we are. Our First Responders provide an irreplaceable service to the public in times of great need and perform acts of heroism every day to protect our citizens. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, and I sincerely appreciate them for their unwavering courage and selfless service.”

“Additionally, I join you in honoring the memory of Tucker County EMS President Larry Armbruster. His service and legacy will never be forgotten by the countless lives he touched”.
“I thank all those who made today’s special celebration for the new facility possible and I proudly join you in thanking all emergency responders for their service. Please never doubt the outstanding work you accomplish every day in our great state. With warmest regards,” Joe Manchin III, US Senator

Master of Ceremony, Dennis Filler, welcomed everyone to the special event. “As citizens of Tucker County it is likely that many of us take for granted that when we make that call to 911, that help is just minutes away. The reality is, that this just doesn’t happen by magic.

Tucker County Veterans Honor Guard Posting the Colors.

Whatever the combination of resources necessary to extricate us, from whatever predicament that we may find ourselves in, we are very fortunate to have a cadre of First Responders, made up of 911 dispatchers and staff, the Office of Emergency Management, city, county and state law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and emergency medical technical operators, just to name a few of the professions that are prepared to respond at a moments notice. These individuals have invested countless hours, if not years, studying and continuously refreshing their skills base, learning to be able to integrate their skills with the tools of their professions while adapting to ever-changing processes to be able to improve our chances of survival, all while we maintain our assumed quality of life.”

“Across our 421 square miles of mountainous terrain we call Tucker County, we are certainly fortunate to have such a group of dedicated citizens, working together in our behalf. We seldom hear much about them but they are our First Responders and we owe them a round of applause and our gratitude.”

Lowell Moore on behalf of the Tucker County Commission, thanked “Senator Joe Manchin and Regional Coordinator Mr. Keith McIntosh for the presentation of this special Flag from the Capitol. This is a great honor for the First Responders and the people of Tucker County. I want to thank our First Responders for the great job they do serving the sparsely populated 421 square miles of our county.”

OEM Director, Kevin White emphasized that “we all work as a team. This starts with our 911 office, local fire departments, EMS, law enforcement, OEM office and the WV Dept of Highways. All are a Team.” He continued to thank the Team:

Brett Ware, 911 Director & his staff; four fire departments and all Firemen – Parsons, Company 10, Kevin White, Chief; Thomas, Company 4, Joe DiBacco, Chief; Davis, Company 20, Allen Cosner, Chief; Canaan Valley, Company 30, Bob Metzger, Chief; EMS Director Sheila Marsh, all EMS drivers, EMT’s & Paramedics; Sheriff Brian Wilfong, the deputies & office staff; State Police Sargent Deweese & all State Police officers; Kevin White Director of OEM & Pat Gray, Assistant; the WV Department Highways.”

He continued “ Also I want to especially thank our Veterans; they have been our First Responders! Because of their service we are able to enjoy life. Thank you Veterans for your service to our country, and your continued service here today. To all First Responders, thank you so much for your dedicated service to Tucker County.”