The 46th annual Parsons High School Alumni Banquet was held on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at the Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School. During registration, entertainment was provided by Dennis Filler with early American Music in the gymnasium that was enjoyed by those in attendance.

The program was opened by Marvin “Bud” Parsons, president by welcoming those in attendance. He began by introducing the cooks, Nancy Dotson and crew; the servers: Liz Lancaster with “Our House Youth Ministries” group; J. R. and Tammy Helmick and Cathy Hebb

The invocation was given by the Rev. Neil Parsons followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Ellen Miller led the group in singing the National Anthem followed by the Parsons High School Pep song.

The memorial service was given by Evelyn Moore, Candy Sommerville and Rev. Neil Parsons  to honor all classmates that had gone on before us.

Bud Parsons introduced the only World War II veteran in attendance, Robert Hedrick of the class of 1940 who spoke briefly.  Other veterans were introduced and stood as Ronnie Shaffer played music from each prospective branch of service.

Following dinner, the classes being honored were introduced and a spokesperson from each class was introduced. Betty Sue Arbogast McGrew, class of 1959, gave some “Interesting episodes” from her class. Anne Kee Munford and Randy Moore, Class of 1969 also spoke on behalf of their class.

Carol Gwinn, from the Tucker Community Foundation, introduced the foundation’s Parsons High School scholarship recipients as Zane Myers and Anna DiBacco. Sue Ann Silk introduced the Parsons High School Scholarship recipients as: Corrick Ambrose, Riley Evans, Kelcee James, Aliyah Plum and Jeffrey Snyder. Also the Hendricks Ruritan Scholarship recipient was Lauren McCrum.

The Parsons High School Hall of Fame awards were announced by William Jack Miller.

Door prizes were then awarded by Sue Ann Silk, Bud and Jane Parsons and distributed by Danny Carr and Jeanette Bishoff. The 50/50 drawing was held with William Miller as the winner and he later donated it back to the Parsons High School Scholarship Fund. The 50/50 tickets were given by Jeanie Ledden and Jeanette Bishoff.

The benediction was given by the Rev Neil Parsons.

The results of the silent auction were given out in the gymnasium by Sharon Daniels, Jean Morrison, Carol Weinstein and Evelyn Moore with additional socializing held by many attending. Much enjoyment was had by those in attendance.


Members and guests that attended the 46th Parsons High School Alumni Banquet on May 25, 2019 were: Keith & Janet Woods Carr, class of ’61; Debby Phillips Gower, class of ’68; Nick Nine, class of 62; Delores Nine, class of ’69; Sharon Daniels, class of ’66; Jack W Miller, class of ’56; Bernice Ketterman Hymes, class of ’54; Danny Carr, class of ’58; Phyllis Warner Carr, class of ’59’ Jeanette Bishoff, class of ;56; Bonnie Hebb Knotts, class of ’65; Bonnie & Frank Nestor, class of ’59; Judy Barr Fairbanks, class of ’57; Jim & Meg Buddingh, class of ’60; Thelma Kochenderfer, class of ’59; Carol Sherman, class of ’59; Carl Sherman, class of ’58; Marilyn & Jim Felton, class of ’50; Vickie Felton, Linda Poling Sherman, class of ’59; Carolyn & Guy Hansford, class of ’51.

Joyce Youtzy  Metheny, class of ’61; Laura & Paul Mauzy, class of ’68; Carol Moore,; Al Knotts, class of ’52’ Elda McDaniel Knotts, class of ’56’ Tom & Vickie Mason, class of ’68; Becky & Randy Moore, class of ’69; Sharlene Day Carr, Class of ’55; Frank Carr, class of ’56’ ; Natalie Roy, Kathie Wilfong Dillinger, class of ’59; Mary Jane Dumire Hedrick, class of ’52’ Mary Louise Hedrick Donato, class of ’74; Gabby Knotts, class of ’71; Norman Sonny Knotts, class of ’69; Barbara Haller, class of ’59; David & Susan Dilly, TCHS; Martin & Carol Arbogast Ferguson, class of ’53; Lauren McCrum TCHS; Joe & Virginia Evans, class of ’66; Evelyn Price Moore, class of ’41; Jean Shahan Morrison, class of ’55; Shirley Hardy Moody, class of ’59; Mike & Jeanie Hehle Ledden, class of ’57; Clarice Knotts, class of ’70; Don Silk, class of ’66; Anne Kee Munford, class of ’69; Tom Felton, class of ’74.
Wanda Loughry Fike, class of ’59; Sherman Eye, class of ’58; Eleanor Harper Nestor, class of ’58; Donna & Lowell Moore, class of ’60; John Cross, class of ’69;Terry & Sue Ann Flanagan Silk, class of ’52; Christine & Mike Rosenau, class of ’77; Robert Hedrick, class of ’40; Charles & Patti Hedrick Lingafelt; Bill & Elaine Hamner Friend, class of  ’64; Bob Booth, class of ’57’ Joe & Katie DiBacco, TCHS; Sheila & Doug Spessert, class of ’62; Ronald Shaffer, class  of ’78; Ellen Miller Shaffer, TCHS; Susie Knotts Jones, class of ’69; Mary & Okey Moore, class of ’55; Maury & Betty Sue Arbogast McGrew, class of ’59; Joe & Linda Roy, class of ’59; Joanne & Bob Lambert ,class of ’50; Riley Evans, TCHS;  Brett Strawderman, TCHS; Mary Arnold Mullenax, class of ’69; Jean Nestor Long, class of ’60; Ben Long III, class of ’62; John Kee, class of ’60; Jerri Bodkin Kee, class of ’65; Carol Gwinn, Tucker Community Foundation; Brian Bennett, class of ’69; Chris Michael, class of ’76; Betty VanMeter Michael, class of ’69; Candy Sommerville; Yvonne Parsons ’61; Phil Carr, class of ’61.
Earl R. Vest, class of ’51; Carol Stahl Weinstein, class of ’57; Marie Poling, class of ’51; Velma Shahan Roy, class of ’50; Risha Roy McGill, class of ’74; Nettie Loughry Bright Lipscomb, class of ’56; Jim Minear, class of ’63; Patricia Pennington McClure, class of ’69; Marshall Parsons, class of ’61; Jack Plum; Diane Lantz; Melanie Ambrose, TCHS; Corrick Ambrose, TCHS; Betty Jo Poling Muehlbauer, class of ’55; Susan Plum, TCHS; Aliyah Plum TCHS; Clayton Eye; Anna DiBacco TCHS; Bob & Dolores Auvil, class of ’53; Wilma Moore Pascale, class of ’59; Judith Parsons, class  of ’67; Russell & Doris Arbogast Philpot, class of ’54; Sherwood & Nora Flanagan Riggleman, class of ’58.
Carolsue Roberts Carr, class of ’46; Mark & Nancy Whittaker, class of ;67; Heida & Adam Snyder, TCHS; Jeffrey Snyder, TCHS; Rev. Neil Parsons, class of ’72; Judy Tacy Parsons, class of ’76; Renee & Charles T. Mick, class of ’69; Linda Cassidy, class of ’69; Pat Cassidy, class of ’70; Jonna Miller; Peter Roy, class of ’67; Dennis Filler; John Arnold; Harold Roy, class of ’62; Marvin “Bud” Parsons, class of ’56; Jane Parsons, class of ’55; Sylvia Rosenau, class of ’56 Nola Martin DeVilder, class of ’51; and Zane Myers, TCHS.