4-Hers have spook-tacular time at ‘How, How Halloween’ Camp



Photo courtesy of Tucker County WVU Extension Service
Campers enjoy a howling good week at Tucker County ‘How, How Halloween’ 4-H Camp at Camp Kidd. Tucker County Extension Agent in Training Jesica Streets said this year there were nearly 100 campers marking the largest attendance in more than five years.

PARSONS – Ghost stories, super heroes and villains, oh my! Members of 4-H attending camp this summer had a ghostly good time as they celebrated ‘How, How Halloween’ during Tucker County 4-H Camp at Camp Kidd. Just shy of 100 campers spent the week learning to work together, learning etiquette and participating in friendly competition during the week.

Tucker County Extension Agent in Training Jesica Streets said campers experienced a Super Heroes and villains’ day. She said members of the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department visited and Tucker County Prosecuting Attorney Ray LaMora III talked with campers about the possible consequences of choosing to go down the wrong path.

During the week, Adam Booth came to camp and shared some ghost stories. Streets said the campers really enjoyed listening to Booth and said some of the stories were very scary.

Classes offered to campers included crafts, fishing, shooting sports with air rifles, bow and arrow and air pistols, sport a day classes, board games, basketball, camp newspaper and slide show class which prepares a presentation for everyone to view the last day of camp.

Campers are grouped into one of four tribes – Mingo, Delaware, Seneca and Cherokee – along with the Big Foot Tribes for counselors. This year, Abigail Long was chief of the Delaware Tribe and Mary Beth Carr was Sag; Brett Strawderman was Chief of the Mingo Tribe and Ethan Carr was Sag, Makayla Wilson was Chief of the Seneca Tribe and Carley Thompson was Sag; Owen Porter was Chief of the Cherokee Tribe and Noah Moore was Sag; Chief of the Big Foot Tribe was Melinda Pennington and Amanda Mullenax was Sag.

Two campers earned their Charting Pins for successful completion of the Charting Program, a project in self-discovery. Those earning the Charting Pin were Lindsey Knotts and Vincent Moats.

The 4-H Program is available for students age eight to 21 and one camper had aged out of camp and received a special award. Joanna Dyer received this special award along with a miniature spirit stick.

Other awards during camp went to:

Will White who was named the Spirit of Camp. This award is presented to the 4-Her who best displays the highest level of character. It is given to the camper who has a positive, helpful attitude that contributes to the success of camp.

Brett Strawderman who received the Head H. This award is for a camper who demonstrates mature, level-headed behavior and decision making.

Cameron Mullenax who received the Heart H. This award is given to the camper who demonstrates a gracious, encouraging spirit.

Ethan Carr received the Hand H. This award is given for the camper who performs practical, helpful deeds.

Kate Falls received the Health H for demonstrating activities that promote healthy physical activity and lifestyle among fellow campers.

The Captain Kidd award is given in honor of Arnett Kidd, former WVU Extension Agent, who helped establish Camp Kidd. It is given to outstanding first year campers and includes a scholarship to return to camp next year. Winners include Owen Knotts and Makenna Evans. Alternates are Cameron Showalter and Kya Ball.

The Good Grooming Award is presented to less experienced campers who maintain a good appearance and good hygiene during camp, and includes a scholarship for half the price of camp the following year. Winners were Andrew Cale and Marissa Judy. Alternates are Devin Teter and Kristen Hicks.

Leadership Awards are given to older campers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership awards throughout the week of camp. Winners were Lydia Mullenax, Karlee Smith, Wyatt Betler and Makayla Wilson.

First year campers receiving a Lucky Penny are Makenna Evans, Becca Siler, Kristen Hicks, Marissa Judy, Garrett Wilfong, Aiden Sigley, Izabella Lipscomb, Melina Klus, Lily Snider, Kya Isner-Ball, Jacob Devilder, Brady Mullenax, Cassidy Davis, Zander Ball, Cameron Showalter, Emily Snyder, Jolene Davis, Sidney Simmons, Gavin Mullenax, Dominick Mullenax and Owen Knotts.

Sue Knotts made and donated sashes for first year campers to keep all their pins and patches on throughout their 4-H career.

Those receiving the third-year camper award include Lillyan Plumley, Jordan Teter, Calista Eye, Hannah Cussins, Harley Wilson, Clay Wolfe, Preston Wolfe, Olivia Sigley, Laney Burns, Morgan Cowgill, Tabitha Adams, Kimber Auvil, Hazel Goldman, Kate Falls, Elissa Phillips, Olivia Keeler and Haden Smith.

Those honored for being five-year campers are Samantha Long, Kevin Barb, Owen Porter, Daniel Snyder, Devin Teter, Karlie Thompson and Andrew Cale.

Seven-year camper awards went to Mary Carr, Logan Pennington, Vincent Moats and Mikayla Wilson.

Nine-year camper awards were presented to Lindsey Knotts and Abigail Long and 11-year-camper awards went to Kaylee Nedrow, Jenna White and Lydia Mullenax.