This week’s picture reminds me of when families would all gather at home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The folks are identified as (left to right) Icy Nine Collins (wife of “Wash” Collins), Squire “Wash” Collins, Adam Harness Lawrence,  Dan Lawrence (son of Adam Harness & Charlotte), Charlotte Burns Lawrence (wife of Adam Harness), Sylvia Lawrence Judy (daughter of Adam Harness & Charlotte), Ella Lawrence Collins (daughter of Adam Harness & Charlotte) , Mart Middleton, Leslie Collins (husband of Ella Lawrence), Henry Collins (father of Leslie Collins), Jim Lawrence, Dewey Cosner, Victor Lawrence (son of Adam Harness & Charlotte). Last week two children were accidentally left off the list of children of Robert Lambert and Floda Agnes Hedrick Lambert. The children were:  Shirley  Lambert Perozziello  and Robert (Jeanette)Lambert. Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.