November elections are right around the corner

Dear Editor,
November elections are right around the corner. I would like to share how Tywana Hampton, who has B.A, in Sociology, made her decision as to how to vote. She was a Christian and discovered that her political party did not stand up or support her biblical values that she held dear.  She realized that she was following family traditions, generational mindsets, or a lack of awareness of the issues that caused her to blindly supported a wrong candidate.  She had always voted as a Democrat without giving much thought to  the platform. She realized that Christians track more closely with the Republican platform.  Now she votes for the person that carries her Christian values.  Tywana gives us something to thing about.
There will also be an Amendment to vote on regarding abortions in WV.  I suggest we vote “yes” so our tax money does not pay for any more abortions.  It can be checked out at: for more information.  Please remind each other to go vote and with a paper ballot as some machines are not secure.
Happy voting for righteous people as righteousness exalts a nation!
Rev. Dr. Donna Andes
Davis, WV