2020 Brings Familiar Faces, Different Positions


By Heather Clower
The Parsons Advocate

At the beginning of 2020, familiar faces will be seen within the walls of different offices at the Tucker Courthouse. Initiating the change was the retirement of Paula McDonald, Magistrate Clerk for Tucker County for the last 23 and half years. Prior to taking her post as Magistrate Clerk, McDonald worked in the Circuit Clerk’s Office for 12 and half years, bringing her total of service to the court system to 36 years.

“I’m just ready to retire and let someone new come in,” McDonald stated. “I just want to enjoy my retirement and spend more time with family and friends.” McDonald’s job as Magistrate Clerk consisted of serving as record keeper of all case files in magistrate court, assign cases to the two magistrates, monthly financial reports, fund dispersals, and many other duties. December 31 will be the last day for McDonald as Magistrate Clerk, though her position will be filled with 15 year Magistrate Assistant Brenda Arnold. “Brenda will do a good job,” smiled McDonald.

Arnold’s focus over the last several years was to assist McDonald and the Magistrates as needed. She was responsible for court records, financials, and monthly reports, but in a different capacity as McDonald. “It’s two totally different jobs,” she stated when trying to explain the two positions. When asked if she was excited for the change, Arnold said, “Yes, I am. It’s going to be a challenge I’m sure, I’m kind of nervous about it and excited at the same time.”

With McDonald retiring and Arnold moving into the position of Magistrate Clerk, that leaves an availability of Magistrate Assistant. This will be filled by Ruby Kelly who has served 15 years with the Tucker County Sheriff’s Department. She explained her enthusiasm for the advancement going from a county position to a state position. “I’m ready for a new challenge,” said Kelley, though she stated she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with the Sheriff’s Department. “It’s been a good place to work.”

This transfer of positions left yet another vacancy within the Sheriff’s Department as a Tax Deputy. The new face of this position alongside Becky Polomski is Amy Mullenax. Mullenax has been with State Farm Insurance for 15 years and recently joined the Sheriff’s Department. “Amy started the first of December and is doing extremely well,” said Kelley. “I was very nervous but it’s working out great,” confirmed Mullenax. “I’m glad I made the move.” She added that it has been a difficult transition, but it’s been for the good.