2019 Annual Ruth and Arthur Lipscomb Family Reunion


Over a 100 attended the Ruth and Arthur Lipscomb reunion on August 17, 2019 at the Ferrell camp in Leadmine with some traveling as far away as Florida.  The day started with the circle of hands and a prayer at 1 p.m. on a warm August Saturday afternoon. Randolph Lipscomb start the count off in the circle as family members kept coming in to join the circle which ended with over a 100 being in attendance before the day ended.  Daughters Mary and Carol along with sons Randolph, Rodney and Gary were all in attendance.  Prizes were given out to the “Oldest Man” – Randolph Lipscomb (son of Ruth and Arthur) – 86 yrs old.  “Oldest Woman “went to Ann Lipscomb (daughter in law to Ruth and Arthur and wife to the Late Allen Lipscomb) – 89 yrs old.  “Youngest Girl” age 5 went to Lily Burnham (great-great-great granddaughter to Ruth and Arthur.  The “ youngest boy” went to Wyatt- age 3 (great-great grandsons to Ruth and Arthur. Both Lily and Wyatt are the descendants of the late Allen Lipscomb (son of Ruth and Arthur). Longest Married with 59 years went to Joe (grandson to Ruth and Arthur and son of the late Poke and Hank Roy) and Linda Roy with the newest married going to the,  great granddaughter Calla (Lipscomb) and Joe Bohlman with 3 years.  Calla is the daughter of Tom and Lori Lipscomb and granddaughter of Gary ad Lynn Lipscomb.  Skipper Niemenski won the 50/50 prize again this year and Punkin Lipscomb won a Scentsy Basket made by Shannon McDonald that was raffled off.

After lunch Several of the family walked to the Pine grove family cemetery to pay their respects to not only Ruth and Arthur but to all those family members that have passed while others went swimming or four wheeling/berry picking.  Later some went into town hoping to find a cake walk or just stroll around the streets of Parsons. As evening approached everyone gathered back around the campfire visiting, roasting hotdogs and marsh mellows and eating leftovers with the day’s events ending with the “traditional” midnight trip back to the family cemetery to conclude another reunion.

Those in attendance:

Beth Cain, Mike Nurk,  MeMe and Karina Antunez, Tink and Clayton Knotts,  Jennie Smith, Tehya Smith-Maize, Shannon, John Wayne, Nathaniel and Gabriel McDonald, Carol Godfrey, Patty Roy, Robert Parker, Jason Lipscomb,  Kathy and Rick Helmick, Carrie, Franco, Joanna, Alexander and Isaiah Leary, Tonya Barkley, Danielle and Michael Wesoloski,  Joe, Linda and Steve Roy, Cindy McCann, Randolph and Nettie Lipscomb, Rodney and Shirley Lipscomb, Melinda, Debbie, Ike and Melissa Lipscomb, Hylton Lipscomb-Zuspan, Staci Smith, Mary Lipscomb Litman, Donna, Evan, Sydney and Rob Ridgely, Caity Lipscomb, Steven Mooch,  Linda and Marc Lipscomb, Sandy Wollschlager, Jason Lipscomb, Malisa Sommers, Alexis, Wyatt, Hunter, Christy and Chris Abrams, Bob Churchel, Malachi Poe, Mark and Maricay Phillips, Aubree and Marcella McClung, Vera Knotts, Joseph, Gavin and Calla Bohlman, Ayla Poe,  Ralph and Pam Knotts, Darl Crites, Sr., Bill and Cheryl Roy, Skipper and MaryLou Niemenski, Tom, Lori and Nathaniel Lipscomb, Fred and Brenda Jones, Lois Hartman, Mark and Jonah Lipscomb, Billy, Ryder, Lily Burnham, Braden Burnham (Lopez), Mark, Mark G, Becky Ruth, Josiah and Bethany Wagner, Nya Beasley, David Blake, Daisy Lipscomb, Anna Jane Lipscomb Kellett, Debbie Lipscomb Burnham, William Burnham, Punkin, Gary and Lynn Lipscomb, Michael Lipscomb and anyone else who may have missed signing in.