Turner’s Tidbits – June 7, 2017


This is a photo of the (Slab Camp) Pheasant Run School taken in 1960. Thanks to the contributor of the picture. I am not sure when this school was closed. This is what I found in Fansler’s History of Tucker County:  Pleasant Run was also known as Kalars Ford, Pheasant Run and Porter.  When the place reverted back to its old name “Pheasant” someone in the Geological Survey made a mistake and made it Pleasant. Salem and River View schools used to be near Pleasant Run. The Salem School  was closed in 1942 and the River View School was closed in 1953. There is nothing in Pleasant except for the Irons Chapel E.U.B. Church. With this information, I am not sure when the Slab Camp School closed? Information on this, ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.