Turner’s Tidbits


2 girlsThis is a photo of two sisters taken around 1950 when they lived at Stringtown. They are Linda (Mimps) Bonner (left) and Patricia “Pat” Bonner(right); daughters of William “Bill” and Nellie Wymer Bonner. They lived in Stringtown in a house down the hollow from where Bill and Viola Hedrick had a store. There was a good spring down from the house that supplied water for the household. The  girls attended school in Stringtown; their teacher was Virgil Hedrick. He drove from Pendleton County to teach at the school. There younger brother, Phil Bonner, also attended school there.  While she was too young to go to school, Virgil would let their sister Sandra “Sandy” Carr  come to school with Phil.  Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.