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This is a photo of Ted Dove (standing) and Arthur (Oss) Cooper (sitting). Ted Dove was the son of Abraham Lincoln and Virginia Thompson Dove. The Dove family was featured in another article. Arthur Cooper was married to Ted’s sister May and he was the son of Asa and Gettie Lee McDonald Cooper. Oss as he was referred to was the President of The Stockman’s Bank of Harman. He began as a bookkeeper in the bank in 1916. The first building to house the bank was built in 1900; five years before the bank was founded. Over time, a new building was built but the old vault still remains in the old bank building which served as a Laundromat for many years. Many Tucker County residents conducted business at the bank over the years. The Stockman’s Bank was eventually sold to The Grant County Bank. The Grit Magazine published an article about Oss in the May 12, 1968 issue. The children of Oss and May were: Violet (Chip), Ronald (Ron), Hollis, Hollie, Lila Lee (Lou), Arthur (Merk), Klare (Snap), Theresa (Joan), Dwayne (lived about a month). Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.