Turner’s Tidbits 2.8.17


This is a great view of the Pulp and Paper Mill of Parsons.  

Construction began in 1900 and was finished in 1902. The City gave them $2,000.00 and gave them tax relief for five years. The plant ended operation in 1927. The assets were purchased by Hugh Pritt who sold them to James Wilt. Wilt dismantled the mill in 1935 and sent the parts to Western States. The land was cleared in 1956 and remains were used to build a breakwater above the pond.  The Company built several homes on Main Street including: White Gables-Main Street  101, Main Street 109, Main Street 139. Main Street 109 which was lived in by John Kee, was built for the Chief Engineer, Mr. Nash.  After Mr. Pritt acquired the Mill and properties, he moved into Main Street  109 and lived there until his death.  Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.