Turner’s Tidbits 1.18.17


This is a picture of Aaron and Melvina Cooper Rohrbaugh and their three daughters.

The daughters are Orpha-youngest, Rose Ann-middle, and Sarah-oldest; the girls are from left to right in birth order of youngest. They lived in the Jordan Run area and left many descendants there. The main occupation of the family, as most in that area was farming.  Melvina was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Wymer Cooper, one of the original families of the Flanagan Hill area. Samuel and Elizabeth lived in a two story log home; the home still stands today. Sometime after Samuel passed away, the family built Elizabeth a smaller home less than half mile down the road from the home place. According to Melvina’s granddaughter, as Elizabeth was living alone and older, Melvina would go stay with her mother for a week at a time. Ideas or comments contact Tim Turner (304) 478-3389.