Tucker County… united we stand…


Tucker County residents have never been known to just sit and let things happen, they make things happen.

On the same token they never let each other go through anything alone. The old saying ‘All for one and one for all, united we stand divide we fall’, is best known as the motto of the title characters in the book The Three Musketeers. However it certainly pertains to the people of Tucker County as well. Whether going through good times or bad times, no one stands alone here.

Recently, one of own was involved in a serious car accident. He is currently in the hospital, where his mother sits vigil. After hearing of this families situation, Tucker County cousins, Mindy Parsons, Misty Shine, Angie Kisamore and Julie Strawderman went into action.

Mindy Parsons said “After reading the updates on social media that the mother was feeling ‘in a dark place’ we felt the she and the family needed something to lift them up.” With that the cousins went to work. And to work they did go, the cousins had been discussing the situation earlier and the fact that they would like to do something to help, but on Tuesday evening as Parsons was on her way home from work her cell phone rang and the idea was born. She and the cousins put the prayer vigil into place that very moment. That was on Tuesday on Thursday the prayer vigil was held with the help of many fast working volunteers.”

“I feel like it was a community effort. It wouldn’t have been successful if everyone hadn’t braved the cold, came out and gave and participated. I am really proud of our community. Everyone felt the mother and the rest of the family needed lifted up.” stated Parsons.