Logan Pennington
Logan Pennington competes in the 110m Hurdles event at Preston on April 13th– Photo by Becky Moore

BUCKHANNON – The Tucker County Girls’ and Boys’ Track teams traveled to Buckhannon-Upshur on Tuesday April 11th for a 4 team meet. The Mt. Lions Girls’ team finished 2nd in the meet with a score of 87 total points. The Tucker County Boys’ team finished the meet with a 3rd place finish with a combined score of 92 points.

Girls’ Results: 100m: 2nd Sydney Moore(13.62), 3rd Emily Crosten(13.92), 9th Cecily Strawderman(14.94). 200m: 3rd Emily Crosten(28.87), 4th Elizabeth Nichols(29.05), 9th Sarah Bates(31.13). 400m: 2nd Sydney Moore(1:05.15), 8th Macy Nestor(1:14.72). 800m: 11th Kate Bates(3:27.56). 1600m: 9th Alyssa Hackney(7:27.01), 10th Marissa Metz(8:07.59). 3200m: 6th Mary Carr(15:36.11). 100m Hurdles: 2nd Elizabeth Nichols(16.60), 7th Natalie Evans(19.84), 9th Kelcee James(20.55). 300m Hurdles: 2nd Elizabeth Nichols(52.65), 5th Sydney Nestor(54.92). 4x100m: 2nd C.Strawderman, A.Price, K.James, S.Bates(57.84). 4x200m: 2nd S.Nestor, M.Nestor, C.Strawderman, S.Bates(2:03.70). 4x400m: 4th E.Crosten, R.Evans, S.Bates, S.Nestor(4:51.86). 4x800m: 3rd R.Evans, N.Evans, A.Hackney, M.Carr(13:05.27). Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 1st S.Moore, N.Evans, S.Nestor, E.Nichols(1:11.25). High Jump: 3rd Riley Evans(4’06”), 4th Macy Nestor(4’06”). Long Jump: 1st Sydney Moore(15’06”), 9th Macy Nestor(10’09.5”), 10th Kate Bates(10’09.25”). Shot Put: 2nd Carleigh Bolyard(33’03.5”), 5th Kelcee James(28’06”), 7th Aliyah Plum(26’06.5”). Discus Throw: 3rd Carleigh Bolyard(91’09”), 5th Kelcee James(78’10”), 9th Aliyah Plum(67’11”). Overall Team Rankings: 1st North Marion(125), 2nd Tucker County(87), 3rd Buckhannon-Upshur(85), 4th Nicholas County(71).

Boys’ Results: 100m: 6th Jacob Davis(12.24), 10th Cole Rapp(13.60), 12th Seth Cangley(14.81). 200m: 4th Will White(24.68), 6th Brody Strawderman(25.33), 9th Hunter Collar(26.57). 400m: 2nd Will White(55.24), 6th Jacob Davis(58.97), 10th Brett Reall(1:01.95). 800m: 2nd Luke Poling(2:09.73), 5th Jack Melnick(2:16.45), 9th Holden Young(2:29.23). 1600m: 4th Jack Melnick(5:20.71), 7th Holden Young(5:42.00), 8th Chris Chambers(5:44.28). 3200m: 2nd Josh Kincaid(12:26.51), 4th Jonathan Rhodes(13:05.69), 7th Alex Dyer(13:33.15). 110m Hurdles: 3rd Logan Pennington(18.00). 300m Hurdles: 2nd Ben Callaway(45.27), 3rd Logan Pennington(46.46), 8th Corrick Ambrose(49.15). 4x100m: 4th H.Collar, C.Ambrose, C.Rapp, E.Pacella(50.85). 4x200m: 3rd R.McCauley, H.Collar, E.Pacella, R.Lamb(1:42.55). 4x400m: 3rd J.Davis, E.Pacella, L.Poling, B.Strawderman(3:59.18). 4x800m: 3rd B.Reall, J.Kincaid, N.Rader, C.Chambers(9:48.85). Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 2nd L.Pennington, C.Ambrose, R.McCauley, B.Callaway(1:07.02). High Jump: 2nd Will White(6’00”), 7th Raheim Lamb(4’10”). Long Jump: 4th Raine McCauley(17’08.5”), 5th Ethan Pacella(17’04”), 7th Will White(17’01.25”). Shot Put: 1st Brody Strawderman(40’11”), 3rd Dillon Swartz(39’02”), 4th Zane Myers(38’01”). Discus Throw: 1st Brody Strawderman(130’11.25”), 4th Zane Myers(92’06”), 9th Dillon Swartz(77’10.5”). Overall Team Rankings: 1st Nicholas County(104), 2nd Buckhannon-Upshur(103), 3rd Tucker County(92), 4th North Marion(66).

KINGWOOD – The Mt. Lions Girls’ and Boys’ Track teams traveled to Preston on Thursday April 13th for the Charlie Pritt Classic. The Mt. Lions Boys’ team finished 2nd in the meet with a score of 102 total points. The Tucker County Girls’ team finished the meet with a 3rd place finish with a combined score of 83 points.

Boys’ Results: 100m: 7th Jacob Davis(12.38), 24th Cole Rapp(13.62), 35th Seth Cangley(14.63). 200m: 5th Will White(24.31), 14th Hunter Collar(26.29), 16th Raheim Lamb(26.47), 20th Corrick Ambrose(27.48). 400m: 1st Will White(53.78), 15th Nathaniel Rader(59.83), 21st Hunter Collar(1:02.48), 25th David Kines(1:10.77). 800m: 10th Luke Poling(2:18.07), 13th Jack Melnick(2:23.78), 20th Nathaniel Rader(2:32.84), 24th Chris Chambers(2:35.43), 30th David Kines(2:51.07). 1600m: 13th Jack Melnick(5:27.41), 19th Josh Kincaid(5:41.33), 22nd Holden Young(5:46.63), 23rd Jonathan Rhodes(5:47.27), 26th Alex Dyer(6:09.00). 3200m: 13th Chris Chambers(12:12.40), 14th Holden Young(12:22.97), 15th Jonathan Rhodes(12:31.36). 110m Hurdles: 2nd Logan Pennington(17.70). 300m Hurdles: 4th Ben Callaway(45.92), 5th Logan Pennington(46.98), 10th Corrick Ambrose(49.21). 4x100m: 5th H.Collar, E.Pacella, C.Rapp, R.Lamb(51.09). 4x200m: 4th J.Davis, R.McCauley, E.Pacella, B.Strawderman(1:42.28). 4x400m: 4th J.Davis, L.Poling, B.Reall, B.Strawderman(3:56.50). 4x800m: 3rd J.Melnick, L.Poling, J.Kincaid, B.Reall(9:13.65). Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 2nd L.Pennington, C.Ambrose, R.McCauley, B.Callaway(1:06.98). High Jump: 3rd Will White(5’06”). Long Jump: 1st Will White(19’09”), 7th Raine McCauley(17’07.75”), 13th Ethan Pacella(16’07”). Shot Put: 1st Brody Strawderman(42’05”), 2nd Dillon Swartz(38’10.5”), 8th Zane Myers(35’09”), 12th Cole Rapp(33’03.75”), 24th Owen Poling(28’02.75”), 30th Seth Cangley(23’08.5”), 32nd Jacob Hauser(23’04.75”), 33rd Garrett Bolyard(23’03.5”), 34th Mark Barnes(21’09.75”). Discus Throw: 1st Brody Strawderman(140’06”), 3rd Zane Myers(114’08”), 5th Raine McCauley(110’01”), 7th Dillon Swartz(108’05”), 14th Brett Reall(94’09”), 19th Cole Rapp(85’04”), 20th Owen Poling(83’06”), 31st Jacob Hauser(67’00”), 34th Seth Cangley(61’06”), 36th Garrett Bolyard(53’02”), 38th Mark Barnes(47’09”). Overall Team Rankings: 1st Morgantown(215), 2nd Tucker County(102), 3rd Elkins(52.66), 4th University(52), 5th Philip-Barbour(51.33), 6th Preston(43), 7th Grafton(37).

Girls’ Results: 100m: 7th Emily Crosten(13.96), 13th Cecily Strawderman(14.89), 16th Amber Price(15.18). 200m: 2nd Sydney Moore(27.61), 6th Emily Crosten(29.03), 15th Macy Nestor(31.35), 20th Amber Price(32.52). 400m: 2nd Sydney Moore(1:03.13), 8th Emily Crosten(1:06.57), 18th Cecily Strawderman(1:14.74), 21st Marissa Metz(1:32.48). 800m: 10th Riley Evans(2:55.22), 11th Natalie Evans(3:03.20), 13th Kate Bates(3:19.65). 1600m: 15th Mary Carr(7:56.84), 16th Marissa Metz(8:06.99). 100m Hurdles: 1st Elizabeth Nichols(16.26), 7th Natalie Evans(19.58). 300m Hurdles: 3rd Sydney Nestor(54.40). 4x100m: 4th C.Strawderman, K.James, A.Price, S.Bates(57.73). 4x200m: 3rd S.Nestor, C.Strawderman, S.Bates, E.Nichols(1:58.88). 4x400m: 4th S.Nestor, S.Bates, M.Nestor, E.Crosten(4:49.89). 4x800m: 5th R.Evans, N.Evans, M.Metz, M.Carr(12:59.10). Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 1st S.Moore, K.James, S.Nestor, E.Nichols(1:10.52). High Jump: 3rd Macy Nestor(4’04”), 4th Riley Evans(4’02”). Long Jump: 2nd Sydney Moore(14’07.5”), 14th Macy Nestor(11’07.5”), 16th Kate Bates(11’05”). Shot Put: 3rd Carleigh Bolyard(33’03.5”), 7th Kelcee James(26’08.75”), 8th Aliyah Plum(26’07.5”), 18th Lacey Cross(23’07.25”). Discus Throw: 8th Kelcee James(74’01”), 12th Aliyah Plum(67’03”), 16th Lacey Cross(59’10”). Overall Team Rankings: 1st Morgantown(177), 2nd Elkins(92), 3rd Tucker County(83), 4th University(81), 5th Preston(46), 6th Grafton(45), 7th Philip-Barbour(24).

The Track team will travel to North Marion on Friday April 21st to compete in the UMWA Invitational at 4pm. On Tuesday April 25th both teams will travel to Glenville State College for a 4pm start. For more info visit TuckerCountySports.Com.