Police News


On Nov 10, at approximately 8 a.m. a three vehicle accident occurred on First St. Heather Paul, of Parsons, was traveling south on First St and had stopped for traffic in her 2004 Chrysler van. Barbara McClain, of Hambleton, was driving a vehicle belonging to Whitney Matlick, of Parsons, a 2016 Chevrolet SUV, also stopped behind the Paul vehicle. Ryan Lower, of Parsons, was driving A 2007 Pontiac, failed to maintain her vehicle and struck the Matlick vehicle shoving it into the Paul vehicle. Barbara McClain was transported to DMH by EMS. The Lower vehicle was towed to Bonners. Lower was cited for failure to maintain control of her vehicle and no proof of insurance.
On Oct. 26, the storage units owned by Scott Lancaster on Pennsylvania Ave. had several units broken into. Several baseball cards and tires were stolen from one unit and tires and wheels were taken from another.
Parsons Police Department has received several complaints of two male individuals attempting to break into houses on Quality Hill. Complainant states that sometime between midnight and four a.m., two males were seen trying to get into houses with the residence still home. Anyone with any information should call the Parsons Police Department at 304-478-3060 or the Sheriff’s Department at 304-478-2321 or the State Police Detachment at 304-478-3101.