Parsons Council discusses collapsing building



Photo courtesy of the City of Parsons
Parsons Police Chief Bill Rowe talks with Parsons City Councilmembers Tuesday evening about a downtown building that is collapsing on both sides. Rowe met with Parsons City Administrator Jason Myers, Building Inspector Charlie Baker and Parsons Volunteer Fire Chief Kevin White Thursday afternoon where they agreed the old Main Street Furniture building is collapsing on both sides and should be condemned.

PARSONS – Bill Rowe, Parsons Police Chief, told Parsons City Council members he received a complaint about a building that was collapsing in downtown Parsons. Rowe said the old Main Street Furniture building is collapsing on both sides and said he went there with Marshall Parsons and they noticed the building’s roof is falling in on the Second Street side and the foundation is collapsing. During Tuesday’s Council meeting, Rowe said the front of the building that faces Main Street is also leaning outward and the foundation is cracking along with the rear of the building, which appears to be collapsing as well.

 Rowe said he contacted White and then had the City of Parsons street crew block off the Second Street side of the building. The DOH blocked off the parking area in front of the building.

 “I contacted the owner of the building and she advised me that she knew the Second Street side of the building was collapsing, but said she did not know about the Main Street side,” Rowe said. “I advised her she needed to contact someone to look at the building before it collapses and possibly hurts someone or damages another property. She said she would and gave permission for us to enter the building. The building is in bad shape.”

 On Thursday afternoon, Rowe met at the building with Parsons City Administrator Jason Myers, White and Building Inspector Charlie Baker. Myers said the group agreed the structure should be condemned.

 Also during Tuesday’s meeting members of the Tucker County Veterans Association gave an update of the damage to the memorial in Parsons. Several of the monuments and the wall sustained damage as the result of a car accident. Veteran Fred Myers said they had a crew from Elkins this week to try to set the monuments back up.

 “One day this week, they will start to work on the damage to the walls,” Myers said.

 The Veterans also asked if they could place a 12’ x 16’ building on skids at the city compound for storage. Since the proposal was not an agenda item, it could not be voted on during Tuesday’s meeting.

 Warren Judy from PRO ON TRAC said their efforts continue but said they were stalled while regulations were being ironed out. Judy said the building is secure and there is a plan in place to make two apartments in the upstairs of the McDonald Building.

 “We are all proud of Parsons and want it to be the best it can be,” Judy said. “We want to thank the Council for their help and support.”

 Mayor Dorothy Judy applauded the efforts of PRO ON TRAC. “The PRO ON TRAC has done a wonderful job,” she said. They have had a hard year and we want to thank them for their efforts.”

 Council voted to sell a parcel of land located on the south half end of Railroad Alley adjacent to Lots 34 and 46 in Seiler’s Addition near Mill Race Park. The plot is 676 square feet or 0.02 acres.) The property is being sold via sealed bid and details will be listed in The Parsons Advocate.

 The next Parsons City Council meeting is set for 6 p.m. March 21 in Council Chambers.