Momma Said for April 2, 2014


The weather has given us a small window to get outside. I took advantage and took a walk around the block. It had rained earlier in the day so the mud puddles were numerous. As I rounded the corner, I noticed a little girl around the age of three playing in a puddle. She had on her little rubber boots and was having a blast.

It did my heart good to see that little girl having such innocent fun. I remember doing the exact same thing, but the rubber boots we had were the kind that you had to pull on over your shoes. She was doing great until she slipped and sat down right in the middle of the puddle. Momma Said, “Grandma to the rescue and all was right with the world, except for some wet pants.”

It seems, looking at the world today, that the time of innocence has gone in the same direction as phone booths, drive-in theaters, hair rollers and rocking chairs on the front porch. I miss those times of carefree fun going to the drive-in with a big paper grocery bag full of popcorn and a blanket to sit out on the ground and watch the movie.

This time of year, I wait patiently for the earth to wake up, waiting for the first flower to show its color or the first glimpse of new buds on the trees. The sun is sticking around a little longer each day and spring is in the air, finally. Momma Said, “The birds even sound a little happier.”