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Published On: Wed, Jun 11th, 2014

Italian Band of Pierce, WV

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 Italian Band of Pierce

Italian Band of Pierce

This photo (compliments of Riverfront Antiques) is of The Italian Band of Pierce, WVA. Two of the men have been identified by Fabio DeFranco. He was traveling back home to WV from CA with family in 2013; his age at that time was 93. the two identified are: the man to the right of the drum is Patsy Santangelo and the second row third person is Donnato DeFranco (Fabio is his son-worked in education in CA City Schools). Other siblings of Fabio are: Mike, Joseph-Professor at Temple University, Pompei-Teacher, Mary-Housekeeper. I am not sure if any are deceased. If you can identify anyone in the photo call Tim Turner 304-478-3389.