Hamrick PSD plans four projects to update, upgrade and expand facilities and service

Photo courtesy of David Cooper Hamrick PSD is working on four projects to improve and upgrade their system to deliver the best possible product to their customers. General Manager Mike Helmick said the more than $6 million project will also provide water to more than 42 customers in the Location Road area of Tucker County.

PARSONS – The Hamrick Public Service District is preparing to start on four new projects to upgrade and update their systems – something that is very much needed as the system enters its 40 year of service to the area. Hamrick PSD General Manager Mike Helmick said they serve 750 customers with water and approximately 450 customers with water and sewage treatment.

“It’s a big area – we have 64 miles of water lines and serve those in Hendricks, Hambleton, Bretz, Blackman Flats, Holly Meadows, St. George and Leadmine,” Helmick said.
The four projects include replacing lines, painting the water storage tank, expanding the water treatment plant and providing water to approximately 42 customers in the Location Road area of Tucker County.

“The projects include a water treatment plant upgrade, basically building a new water treatment plant,” he said. “We will be painting the water tank, inside and out and basically replacing all the hydrants in Hendricks, Hambleton and replacing approximately 400 plus service lines.”

Another part of the projects include a six mile extension to Location Road where they will provide 42 to 45 customers with water.

“We will have 70 miles of water lines after that,” he said.

Helmick said Hamrick PSD is a ‘big’ little district. “When I came, there were about 450 customers and now we have 750 customers. There have been projects to expand over the years. We need infrastructure and it is a benefit to the county.”

Funding for the projects came in the form of grants from West Virginia Small Cities Block Grants and a loan from West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council. “The grant was for approximately $2 million and the loan was for $4.1 million. It’s a big project,” Helmick said. “We are pleased with the project. We had a lot of support from the Governor’s Office and a lot of support through Tucker County. They were instrumental to getting water to Location because it is such a costly project to stand on its own and was never feasible. When we started this project in May 2009 the only way we thought Location would get water was to tie it in with the existing project.”

Helmick said he is proud of the Hamrick PSD. “The water treatment plant is pretty much held together with shoestrings and duct tape,” Helmick said. “It has clearly exceeded its lifespan and we are proud of what we do and the recent AWOP award is a testament to our operations staff and what they can do with what little we have. We are excited to see this infrastructure and to see the progress, especially for the lower end of our county.”

Contract one is replacing approximately 440 meters and service lines, removal and replacement of two gate valve assemblies, replacement of numerous fire hydrant assemblies, elimination of the St. George altitude valve vault, installation of a new two-inch solenoid valve and fault and installation of a new solenoid control building with booster chlorination and telemetry. The work will be completed by Cove Run Contracting LLC from Clarksburg.

The second contract includes the repainting and rehabilitation of the district’s existing 200,000 gallon water storage tank. The work is being completed by Central Painting out of Ohio.

Project three includes the expansion of the existing 200 gallon per minute water treatment plant for a 250 gallon per minute water treatment plant. The project is being completed by Breckenridge Corporation from Buckhannon.

Project four is the installation of new water lines along with addition of lines to service approximately 42 to 45 customers in the Location Road area of Tucker County. The project is being completed by Carl E. Smith and Son Inc. from Sandyville.

“We have always strived to give the best product at the best rates and will continue to do so,” Helmick said.

Additional information about the Hamrick PSD is available by calling 304-478-2898 or by visiting their office located in Hendricks.